Share of the Week – Control: Ultimate Edition

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Last week, we asked to return to the reality-bending world of Control: Ultimate Edition and share moments fighting back The Hiss using #PSshare #PSBlog. From daring portraits of Director Jesse Faden to eerie shots of The Oldest House, here were this week’s highlights: 

Jesse’s weapon shifts for ultimate effect in this share by BarryPaust

Jesse observes the celestial Quarry in this share by William73318992.

HStrangelove shared the ominous pink flamingo, teeming with unknown energy.

Jesse takes aim down a glowing hall in this share by jmsan5

Sefwick shares a floating Federal Bureau of Control employee.

Jesse wanders through the maintenance halls in this share by ameeba37.

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THEME: Control: Ultimate Edition – The Oldest House

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on February 24

Next week, we’re staying in the reality-bending world of Control and highlighting the warped offices and halls of The Oldest House. Share your best shots of this ever-changing environment using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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Assemble your superstar team in NBA 2K21’s MyTeam Season 5 – Age of Heroes

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Welcome to MyTeam Season 5: Age of Heroes… Assemble your team of superstars from the Modern Age and Golden Age of the NBA in MyTeam, and unleash their powers. Available from today for NBA 2K21, Season 5 brings new players, challenges and rewards, plus all-new hero themed cards. Let’s take a closer first look at what’s in store. 

Assemble your superstar team in NBA 2K21’s MyTeam Season 5 – Age of Heroes

Season 5’s Challenge Activities 

PS5 is the best place to play through all the content available in Season 5: Age of Heroes, and there is a lot of content. But let’s start with the exclusive PlayStation Challenge Activities in MyTeam, only available to PS5 users. 

These challenges are updated every Season and Season 5 is bringing an iconic one featuring legends like T-Mac and Vinsanity. Take on the 2000 Raptors with your MyTeam and throwdown at least 10 dunks to earn your spot on the PS5 leaderboard! But it doesn’t stop there… the more dunks you earn against the 2000 Raptors the higher up the leaderboard you go! Completing the challenge earns you a Slasher Reward Pack which contains a shoe and a badge to improve your lineup’s slashing abilities.

Hero-themed cards

Let’s take a closer look at Season 5: Age of Heroes – start by building your own hero LeBron James – redeem his Sapphire Evo card at the start of the Season, complete agendas and watch him evolve into a Diamond. MyTeam is adding brand-new hero-themed cards which you can unlock, collect and compete with! 

There are 15 players to collect from the Modern Age of the NBA including future superstars Luka Doncic and Mitchell Robinson and 15 legends to collect from the Golden Age of the NBA including the Big Fella Shaq and Manu Ginobili. Complete the sets for a super-special reward… 

Season 5’s Signature Challenge: Michael Jordan 

Every Legend deserves a Signature Challenge, this time it is none other than 6x time NBA Champion, his Airness; Michael Jordan. Play through one of Jordan’s most iconic moments; THE LAST SHOT. A game-winning shot that gave MJ 45 points and the Bulls a second 3-peat and their 6th NBA Championship in the 90s. Complete

Free hearts across Japan with the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Strikers, out next week on PS4

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The Phantom Thieves are back! The Digital Deluxe Edition of Persona 5 Strikers is available now and launches for all players February 23 on PlayStation 4.

In this PlayStation Underground episode, we take a look at exclusive Persona 5 Strikers footage on the PlayStation 5. We go through all the highlights that makes this hybrid-action combat gameplay great, check it out here:

Free hearts across Japan with the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Strikers, out next week on PS4

In Persona 5 Strikers, we’re exploring Jails instead of Prisons, releasing hearts instead of stealing them, and travelling across Japan instead of getting lost in the train stations of Tokyo. However, the same Phantom Thief crew has got your back!

My favorite mechanic of the game is playing as any of the Phantom Thieves. As shown in the episode, you can wield an axe as Haru, execute All-out Attacks after leaping off ice sculptures as Fox, and Baton Pass back to Joker anytime mid-combat. You can explore the cities through platforming and solving puzzles, and it’s all wrapped up in flashy menus and over-the-top combat sequences.

Lastly, the newest member of the group, Sophie, Humanity’s Companion, provides a new way to join the Phantom Thieves through yo-yo-slinging gameplay that you have to try out for yourself.

Or, if you’d rather mow down enemies as the Morgana cat bus, we’ve got you covered:

For the ATLUS and ω-Force developers, the best part of creating the game was working together to blend elements that give Persona 5 Strikers that ‘Persona’ touch, its story and setting, with an incredible action combat system!

For both action and Persona fans alike, Persona 5 Strikers is a brand-new story. So, you’ll be able to jump in the camper and road trip across Japan with the Phantom Thieves just fine.

Persona 5 Strikers officially releases on PlayStation 4 February 23.

Check out what critics are saying about the Phantom Thieves in the new launch trailer:

Moving Out: Movers in Paradise DLC launches February 25

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Today, we’re proud to present an exclusive inside look at Movers in Paradise, our brand-new DLC for Moving Out that offers 14 new story levels, 10 new arcade levels and four exclusive new characters. Also washing ashore are a number of new features, including: ziplines, vines and everyone’s favourite, the disgruntled goat! Movers in Paradise will be available on PlayStation 4 (and playable on PS5) from Thursday February 25.

Read on to find out more about some of the design secrets that went into creating this new paradise – and the challenges within it.

Welcome to Packmore Island

In this busy world of bustle and beepers, there has never been a better time to slow… the… beat… down… We ask  you to wave pavement and asphalt goodbye, to sail into paradise as we welcome you to Packmore Island!

It’s likely you’ve never heard of this tiny, remote rock – and why would you? It’s been hidden beyond the mist of the great beyond for time immemorial. Well, not quite. But one can dream… In fact, that’s just how Packmore Island came to be. From concept to creation – here’s how Packmore Island sprang to life.

An exotic isle playground

In this tropical setting of soothing sounds and picturesque coastal calm, you’ll explore sights never before seen by Mover or beast alike. From cliff faces that stretch down beyond the depths of your imagination, to chasms that defy your sense of space and time, our beaches will beg you to sit and be still and our caves will beckon you with hidden delights.

When it comes to creating games, there’s a delicate balance between gameplay and art; we have to make sure that the art supports the gameplay, rather than getting in the way of the fun! To example this, here’s one level that sees our Movers work through a gorgeous, waterfall-filled location.

If you look at the concept art above, we had some really cool-looking waterfalls flowing from the top of the level. When it came down to it though, these elements blocked a lot of the play area, compromising visibility for the players. So many of our testers were falling off the edge into the water-filled cavern below and that wasn’t fun at all! So though they looked cool, they actually detracted from the level experience.

At the end of the day, all the elements of the game need to work together to create the best experience for the player. We always want to keep the FUN, so sometimes cool-looking things don’t make the cut. The silver lining here is that Art and Design just work even more closely together to come up with super creative solutions!

Packmore Island also gave us a great opportunity to adapt Moving Out’s wacky physics for water-based challenges.

There were lots of funny tests with rafts that behaved in less than perfect ways. Some were too floaty; some not floaty enough. Som

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Director Naoki Yoshida Q&A

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Every two years since 2013’s A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV has received a new expansion. Each of these huge updates introduced a wealth of new content for Square Enix’s MMORPG, with each release comparable to a full standalone JRPG. All packed in enthralling stories, new regions, missions and impressive boss fights, continually building out the game’s fantastical setting Eorzea.  

Last week, Square Enix debuted the fourth expansion. Like its predecessors, Endwalker promises new jobs, new areas to explore (we’re going to the moon!) and much, much more

And as with 2013’s reimagining and subsequent expansions, Endwalker’s development is headed by Naoki Yoshida. The director and producer has spent the last eight years reshaping Final Fantasy XIV into a critically-acclaimed MMO behemoth. This latest release marks the end of a decade-long storyline, one that stretches all the way back to the game’s original version, which launched in 2010. 

Yoshida-san is a busy man. Not only is he overseeing yet another feature-packed expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, he was recently announced as the producer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. Yet between juggling two Leviathan-sized projects, he found the time to answer our most burning questions around that astounding Endwalker reveal. 

Endwalker will bring Final Fantasy XIV’s 10-year long story arc to its conclusion. How does it feel to finally close this long a chapter? When did you first envision how this chapter of FFXIV was to end and how much has the final version changed from that initial premise?

Since the time of A Realm Reborn, the idea of the “Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga” already existed and was what we were working off of when creating the story. Being able to tell this story to its conclusion required Final Fantasy XIV to succeed as an MMORPG, and we were far from being able to declare the ongoing story as the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga even at the time of Heavensward’s release. Following the release of Stormblood and having seen the growing community and success of the game, I thought it was time to more fully flesh out the concepts of the story and think as to how and where this conclusion might take place. 

Back then, I felt 6.0 or 7.0 would be a good time to wrap things up, but with the excitement we saw with Shadowbringers being even higher than our expectations, I decided we shouldn’t draw the story out awkwardly, and continue the wave of excitement by concluding the st


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