PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals 2022

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PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals go live tomorrow (November 18 at 12:00am local time)*. With so many great deals and deep discounts rolling out across PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Gear Store, and more, it’s easy to get a little lost. Don’t worry about missing out: we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected all the offers that are currently available below for you to browse through. Also make sure to bookmark this PlayStation Black Friday homepage to track every discount available. 

PlayStation Plus 

For the duration of Black Friday Deals, save 25% on any of the three PlayStation Plus 12 month membership plans**, whether that’s PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra or Premium. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when you upgrade your current plan to PlayStation Premium or Extra. Sign in to see your Black Friday deals.

With PlayStation Extra and Premium, you can discover hundreds of PS4 and PS5 titles, including acclaimed games like Returnal, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and many more.  

Knockout City: High Society Heist introduces Poison Ball, Red Hand Crew, and more

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Hey there, PlayStation brawlers! It’s your informant on the inside. I’m on the roof of Velan Studios HQ and I’m pleased to report Operation: Season 8 Reveal is a total success. I’ve just extracted the master plan for the Season 8 announcement straight from the Viper database! I’m just chillin’ up here waiting for my getaway copter to pick me up… but in the meantime, let me cut you a deal. Here’s a peek at what’s coming to Knockout City in Season 8: High Society Heist!

Knockout City: High Society Heist introduces Poison Ball, Red Hand Crew, and more

Pulverize pursuers with the Poison Ball

A brand new Special Ball is being added to your repertoire in High Society Heist, and it’s sure to leave your foes fuming! The Poison Ball is loaded with noxious knockout gas that seeps out every time it hits a brawler or surface. This dangerous green gas is capable of KOing a crowd in seconds, and the higher the ball’s charge level, the bigger the cloud grows! 

This is our first take on a dodgeball that creates a persistent area-of-effect hazard, and the Poison Ball shines best in the hands of those who can both thrive in chaos and think ahead to control the flow of battle.

New “Brags” to showboat your stats

We’re bringing brawlers a new way to show off with Brags, a new unlockable found in your Customize Menu! Leave your calling card with a new type of equipment that adds a border and title to your name before and after every match.

There’s even Brags that show off your dodgebrawling stats! Want to prove you’re the master of Passing? How about flexing that last match’s KDR you just earned? You can “favorite” Brags to randomly rotate and show your dodgebrawl prowess in this Season and beyond! 

Meet the Red Hand Crew

High Society Heist is such an exciting theme to see take over in Knockout City. We already live and brawl in a gorgeous retro-futuristic stylized world, and now we can lean even further into the neon-lit glitz and glamor of Roaring

Dead Cells’ second indie crossover brings Shovel Knight, Terraria, Katana Zero and more to the game today

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