Vehicular combat battler Heavy Metal Machines launches on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow

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Hello everyone! Hoplon Studio here, from Brazil, and we’re thrilled to announce that Heavy Metal Machines is arriving on PS4 (and playable on PS5) February 23.

Vehicular combat battler Heavy Metal Machines launches on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow

Heavy Metal Machines is a one-of-a-kind, free-to-play multiplayer vehicular combat game where players engage in 4v4 intense battles, controlling lethal vehicles in post-apocalyptic arenas, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Heavy Metal Machine’s combination of unique vehicles, fast-paced combat, and post-apocalyptic sports arenas will take you to a whole new gameplay experience where two teams of four players fight to pick up a bomb and take it to the enemy base. Deliver the bomb 3 times to be the winner.

Match your best skills with a role

Ranging from a car-crushing Monster Truck, heavily armored Tank, blade-throwing Motorcycle, to a magnetic Tow Truck, each of the many vehicles has a different set of weapons and gameplay styles that bring a wide range of strategic possibilities to each match.

Play as an Interceptor, to chase and destroy enemies, as Support to keep your allies safe, or as a Transporter to take and deliver the bomb to the enemy base.

Become a metal gladiator

You can play Heavy Metal Machines casually, or if you want to spice things up, join the Ranked Mode and aspire to become godlike. You can also create your Team and bring it to the Colosseum, an in-game Tournament, to battle for prizes and prestige.

Golden tips

Curse of the Dead Gods — 7 gameplay tips for the monster-slaying roguelike, out tomorrow

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Hello, explorers! Everyone here at Passtech Games are absolutely thrilled to launch Curse of the Dead Gods on PlayStation 4 tomorrow! We know our soul-corrupting, trap-avoiding, monster-slaying roguelite can be challenging, so we’ve assembled these seven essential tips to help you take your first steps into the twisting darkness of the Temple.

Seek the light

The walls of the Temple writhe under the shadows cast by your trusty torch. Most areas you traverse in Curse of the Dead Gods are filled with groups of enemies and traps hiding in the dark, so make sure to seek sources of light, or create your own by setting fire to braziers, cobwebs, or even enemies before equipping your weapons to fight. Remember: fighting in the dark will cause you to take more damage from every attack. The icon at the bottom center of your screen indicates if you’re fighting in the light or in the dark.

Explore your surroundings

Exploration is key to a successful run in Curse, despite the many dangers that lurk in the shadows. Maximize the amount of gold, weapons, and mystical relics that you find by searching everywhere, and keeping an eye out for hidden rooms. The risk is always worth the reward.

Play with traps

Traps can be deadly, but they will kill enemies too. Scout your surroundings to see what’s available, then push creatures into spikes and poison streams, lure them near a flame-spewing statue, or find other ways to utilize your environment. There are many ways to be creative in combat.

Manage your stamina

If you’ve played a lot of action RPGs, you’ll be familiar with the stamina mechanic. Little white pips under your character represent your stamina, and managing it is key to staying alive. Stamina is drained by performing combo finishers, ranged attacks, two-handed attacks, and dodging. Balance offense and defense, and keep some stamina in reserve, or you may not be able to avoid damage at a crucial moment. A perfectly timed dodge restores one stamina, and there are weapons and relics hidden throughout the Temple that can boost it, too.

Practice your parry

The parry is an extremely effective combat tool, for those who can master it. Tap the parry button just as an enemy strikes to deflect their attack, stagger them, and weaken their defenses. It even works on projectile attacks, does not cost any stamina, and restores two stamina, if successful. The timing can be difficult, but practice on enemies which attack patterns you know, or equip a shield to increase the window in which a parry will be suc

Taxi Chaos brings back the long-lost taxi genre

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Pedestrians and tourists, take cover as the streets are about to get even more reckless! Jump into the cab and rush all around to pick up the craziest of customers, and drop them off as fast as you can. With Taxi Chaos we want to bring a throwback to a classic and almost forgotten arcade racing genre in video game history to PlayStation 4. 

Traffic rushing down the streets, pedestrians crossing the sidewalks and passengers of all kinds eagerly waiting for you to pick them up. Welcome to New Yellow City, a town where everybody has too many places to be, but never enough time to get there. The team has done everything within its power to create the perfect arcade city.

Just like the classics, the gameplay in Taxi Chaos is centered around picking up passengers and bringing them to their destination of choice. Navigate through crowded streets, dodge pedestrians and power through the park to discover the fastest way to drop them off. To bring something new, we’ve also given players the ability to defy gravity and even jump over rooftops. The main challenge is to find the best shortcuts all around town, to get even faster and prevent time from running out.

Designing New Yellow City

Before the team started on the city design, we all asked ourselves: “What would be the best city to take as an inspiration for this spiritual successor?” It didn’t take long before the iconic taxi capitol New York City rose up as the obvious winner. We always begin by researching iconic key locations and city plans to decide what should be included. Simultaneously, we dive into similar titles for inspiration – in this case the classic taxi games.

We first wanted to divide the city into two parts: one main island and a smaller island connected with two bridges. The goal for this was to make the player really think about what passengers they wanted to pick up based on their destination, as taking a trip across the bridge could endanger your time limit. Next, the idea was born to extend the bridges in a giant highway that would enclose the entire city. It would be hard to enter, but easy to jump down from. Ultimately, we let go of both ideas to focus on something new: a jumping taxi.

1: The original plan for the level design, 2: The final city map for New Yellow City

As we started focusing on the main island, a few things became very important to us. First we wanted to bring that NYC feeling to the city, by including iconic landmarks but giving them an unique little twist. Players will be able to visit Freedom Park, Aeonian Square, Memorial Park and many other places (three guesses what their inspiration was). Next, we wanted to make sure the line of sight between them would be clear, so players can easily find them and learn the different routes throughout the city.

The next step was to add secondary roads to give players the opportunity to take even more risk and find unique and insane shortcuts. When the foundation was set, we started experimenting with the jump mechanic, as what’s crazier than riding on top of buildings? We added ramps, low buildings you can directly jump on and various roofs you can traverse. Taxi driving will never be the same aga

The split-screen chaos of Can’t Drive This hits PS4 and PS5 March 19

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Hi, I’m Steve, Creative Director and Producer at Pixel Maniacs. We’re the developers of Can’t Drive This – our answer to the question “Why aren’t there any couch games anymore?”. And we have a big announcement to make: Can’t Drive This is coming to PS4 and PS5 on March 19!

We’re also proud to say we partnered up with Perp Games (The Walking Dead: Onslaught, Creed: Rise to Glory) to bring Can’t Drive This to shelves as well! So if you have a PS4, or a PS5 with disc slot, you can get a physical copy of the game to add to your collection. As a fairly new studio, we’re suuuuper excited about this. Seriously, if you go back in time and tell the 12-year-old versions of ourselves, they’ll excitedly explode.

The split-screen chaos of Can’t Drive This hits PS4 and PS5 March 19

One player drives. One builds the road. At the same time.

In Can’t Drive This, one player drives a monster truck while another player builds the road. If the truck drives too slowly, it’ll explode in a big, fiery game-over.

Basically the game is two in one:

  1. The driver plays an arcade-y racing game with ultra-realistic non-physics (if you can rotate an actual monster truck in the air, I’ll retract this statement, but please don’t try).
  1. The builder plays Pseudo-Tetris, where instead of Tetrimini, you get anything from an intersection, over a construction hammer, to a wind turbine designed to make drivers’ lives miserable.

Tell me mode!

There are four erratic modes, offering varying degrees of mind-melting, at-your-friend-yelling chaos. One even involves time travel! Dun dun dun.

  1. In Yardage, there is one builder. With their help, up to three drivers race to set the high-score. This is the p

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