Share of the Week: Gathering

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Gather ’round, friends. This week, we take a look at six stunning images featuring characters gathering. Gathering what, you ask? Sally forth to find out!

Garretthiede shares Kena and the Rot in a quiet moment.

MrioMoreno5 shares a post-match celebration in eFootball 23.

TheSkinnyRage shares a post-hunting photo op in Red Dead Online.

Call_me_xavii shares a gorgeous landscape view from Gran Turismo 7.

Amianan_NiRaGuB shares a gathering of friends and shipmates in Mass Effect 3.

Scottoka1 shares a fireside meal between warriors in God of War Ragnarok.

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Saga of Sins: new creature announcement

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Hi, I am Rupert, Game Director of Saga of Sins. Me and my team at Bonus Level Entertainment are grateful and super excited to announce the 3rd playable creature of our new game today.

Saga of Sins: new creature announcement

But first, let me give you some behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of Saga of Sins.

Worthwhile. Creating something worthwhile. Something fresh and worth your time, the most precious thing you – the player – can give us. This is our task as (indie) developers.

Thus, the idea of a new sub-genre was born: story-arcade!

Combining a meaningful story of inner conflict, twists and multiple endings with a rewarding, arcade style gameplay. RPG elements, secrets, collectibles and a fresh take on progression should further round up the experience, brought to life via a stained-glass art style that fits to the game’s setting. A game inspired by the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch (1450 -1516) that I have adored since childhood.

So, this is it: In Saga of Sins, you play as the righteous cleric Cecil – who can enter people’s minds by transforming into four unique demonic creatures such as a howling werewolf or a fierce gargoyle – to fight the seven deadly sins and free his plague infested village of Sinwell.

Every creature has individual skills and shot types that can be upgraded and once unlocked you can switch between them on the fly. Common to all is a devastating Power Dash.

Finally, the 3rd demonic creature that we are announcing today is: the mighty Griffin!

This ancient demon stands for loyalty and trust but is all the more unforgiving when spotting sinners with its sharp eyes. Were it not for this demonic creature’s appetite for the human liver, our humble hero Cecil would not even feel that bad having to transform into it when entering the minds of the 31 villagers of Sinwell. 

Sinful minds are action levels and boss battles themed after one of the seven deadly sins such as Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Greed, Pride or Gluttony.

Innocent minds, on the other h

Genshin Impact Version 3.3: Time for a game of cards

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Hello, Travelers! The Genshin Impact dev team is back with the latest news! After quelling a series of conspiracies and crises, we’d like to bring something different to the table, such as a round of Genius Invokation in our next update arriving on December 7!

In addition to the new card game, the upcoming Version 3.3 “All Senses Clear, All Existence Void” will introduce two long-lived souls to join the playable cast: Faruzan, and our once enemy Scaramouche, now known as the Wanderer. What’s more, you may also join Arataki Itto and a bunch of familiar faces to take part in a series of adventures and tricky challenges in the Test of Courage Event.

The Wanderer and the Scholar

Having lived longer than most ordinary people in this world, both of our new characters will become our allies after their long and arduous experiences in life. After Scaramouche was defeated as the final boss in Sumeru’s main storyline, this misguided soul seems to have found a different path in life as “the Wanderer” while in Nahida’s custody. In the new Archon Quest Interlude Chapter “Inversion of Genesis,” you will travel to Irminsul with the Wanderer to find out more.

Once a formidable enemy, the Wanderer is now a strong ally. Thanks to his Anemo Vision, this new five-star character can hover in the air and wields some of the coolest battle skills with a catalyst. Upon using his Elemental skill, the Wanderer will first cause AoE Anemo Damage and then leap into the air, entering a persistent hovering state. While hovering, the Wanderer will consume Kuugoryoku Points rather than Stamina to maintain the hovering state, fly upward, and sprint mid-air; meanwhile, his Normal Attack and Charged Attack will gain increased AoE and damage. Additionally, when his Elemental Skill comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, he will receive up to two of the four corresponding buffs, including an increased Kuugoryoku Points cap, higher Attack, higher CRIT Rate, and the ability to restore a set amount of Energy upon hitting opponents with a Normal or Charged Attack. Finally, with his Elemental Burst, the Wanderer compresses the atmosphere into a singular vacuum and stomps it down towards opponents. If the Wanderer was in a hovering state when, the hovering state will end after the skill is used.

Our four-star new character Faruzan also has an unusual past. Over a hundred years ago, this undisputed genius was accidentally trapped in ruins where a strange phenomenon stopped her from aging for years. Only till recently did she manage to clear all the mechanics and puzzles, and return to the Akademiya to continue her work as a researcher and mentor.

Faruzan also brings her talent and knowledge of mechanics into combat. Wielding the power of Anemo and a bow, she can be a great support for the team. Her Elemental Skill deploys a polyhedron that deals damage to enemies. After using her skill, her next Aimed Shot will become a special Charged Attack that creates a vortex at its point of impact after a short delay, pulling nearby objects and opponents. With her Elemental Burst, Faruzan will deploy a bigger polyhedron that moves along a triangular path and releases a Whirlwind Pulse that

Unearthing Below: Striking Distance Studios detail The Callisto Protocol’s new area

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Welcome to Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security penitentiary located on the desolate surface of Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. Let’s dive into how The Callisto Protocol’s atmospheric environments, compelling characters and monstrous creatures make the fight to survive the horrors of Jupiter’s dead moon a terrifyingly immersive experience.

A Futuristic that feels familiar

One of the most important aspects of any survival horror game is the setting – the place or places players either survive or die. The Callisto Protocol is full of fear-inducing locales, like Below, a series of long abandoned tunnels ‘below’ the prison that once serviced Arcas, the Callisto’s first human colony. For Aasim Zubair, director of environment art, the core concept started with a straightforward design philosophy: “make it dark, wet, and creepy.”

Below is an incredible showcase of our lighting and gave our environment  team a fun challenge to design a unique location that was still thematically similar to the Prison above, and offered environmental clues to its creation and the original Callisto colony.

And it certainly is. However, Below’s environment stands out in the sci-fi survival horror game thanks to its grounded inspiration.

“[Below is unique] because the majority of it is based off real-world materials and shapes,” says Zubair. “Instead of the rugged sci-fi design cues that dominate many of the game’s other environments, Below allows the player to feel grounded in something familiar and relatable while also letting them look into the past of humanity’s first attempt to colonize the dead moon.”

In addition to grounding players in a recognizable environment, Zubair’s favorite part of the environment is the mood and storytelling. “Below provides a great opportunity for exploration, hidden areas, creepiness and a chance to use the space for compelling environmental storytelling,” he says. 

If you dare to explore the dark recesses of Below there’s plenty of secrets to discover and maybe even a glimpse of the original colony’s dark past.

A terrifying human story in a pioneering future

Like Below’s environmental storytelling, Lead Writer R. Eric Lieb crafted a compelling story and complex characters to heighten players’ sense of dread and fear in The Callisto Protocol. “Complex characters are important because their actions and choices they make are what ultimately drive the plot,” says Lieb. “However, the horror genre serves as a unique crucible for characters where their actions and choices are often literally a matter of life and death.”

The connection between the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, and his jailer, Captain Leon Ferris, is another compelling narrative hook. “In developing Leon we often described him as the ‘dark mirror’ of Jacob,” says Lieb. “Thematically both begin in a similar place, either oblivious about (or willingly blind to) the consequences of their actions.”

“Their meeting shatters both of their comfortable worlds,” says Lieb. “How each reacts to what is happening within Black Iron – as well as who, exactly, is to blame – forms the core of their relationship [as well as] the player’s understanding of the world that is presented to them throughou

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 features Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta race circuit

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Gran Turismo players! The 1.26 update for Gran Turismo 7 arrives today November 23 at 10:00pm PST* (November 24 at 6am GMT / 3pm JST). 

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 features Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta race circuit

Three new exciting cars being added 

BMW M2 Competition ‘18
A hard-boiled FR that hides the power of a demon in its compact body.

The BMW 2 Series coupe is popular as a high-performance rear-wheel drive compact. The BMW M2 Competition is an extreme machine that fills the same engine compartment with the3L twin-turbo inline-6 ‘S55’ engine from the M3 and M4. What you’ll notice first is the captivating bodywork. With its bulging over fenders, the exterior is the embodiment of speed. Though it measures only 4,475 mm in length, it’s roughly the same size as the E36 M3. Whether in the city or out in the winding backroads, the car offers an incredible sense of control, as if the drivers own nerves reached out to the far corners of the body. The S55 engine offers a maximum power output of 404 BHP with 56.1 kgfm maximum torque. Even up against BMW’s long history of peak performance inline-6 engines, this model has an exceptional high revving performance, and as the boost builds its explosive power emerges.

Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ‘87
A Cosworth tuned masterpiece that dominated touring car racing 

The Sierra was a relatively standard family car with an aerodynamic hatchback body, produced by Ford Europe from 1982. But in 1985, the impression of car enthusiasts regarding the Sierra took a big turn. This was because the famed Cosworth added the Sierra RS Cosworth to the selection, known affectionately as the “Cossie” among enthusiasts. The Sierra RS Cosworth was powered by a 2 liter inline 4 tuned to 203 BHP with DOHC and a turbocharger. The chassis was reinforced, and the exterior was upgraded with fender extensions and a large rear spoiler. A year later it was further increased in power to 223 BHP, and a 500-unit limited Sierra RS 500 Cosworth was added to the lineup, with an engine reinforced for racing use, and better aerodynamic details. And of course, all of these improvements were developed for touring car racing. From 1988 to 1990, the Sierra won several series championship titles in the international Group A category in countries such as Germany, UK, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. 

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