(For Southeast Asia) Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name

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SEGA is pleased to announce that Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name is slated for release on Nov. 9, 2023 Pre-orders are now available and the first official trailer for the game has been released. Pre-order for the PlayStation® Store will start at a later date.

A brand-new title that depicts Kazuma Kiryu’s story after the events of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. Featuring improved combat, new stages, and characters, an abundance of entertaining minigames, and a star-studded cast!


An Untold Story from Kazuma Kiryu’s Point of View – What must you sacrifice to protect the ones you love?

Having faked his own death to protect his loved ones, Kazuma Kiryu, the once-renowned yakuza, now lives in obscurity.

He occasionally receives missions as a secret agent for the Daidoji Faction, a shadowy organization that once operated as a fixer for the government. Kiryu’s very existence is kept a closely guarded secret within Daidoji. There he languishes away each day in his self-imposed solitude. Until one day, somebody arrives to drag Kiryu back into the fold.


Dynamically switch between the Yakuza and Agent fighting styles in visceral melee combat. With the Yakuza Style, strike fear into enemies by unleashing wildly aggressive moves powered by Kiryu’s unparalleled strength and flair. Alternatively, up the ante with the Agent Style by delivering blows with absolute speed and precision, while using an array of high-tech gadgets like electrified bind wires to stun enemies and then send them flying. Strategically adapt to the situation and leverage both styles to dominate and destroy hordes of enemies.

The Elder Scrolls Online developer reveals the Arcanist class’ new skill lines

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Arriving June 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom introduces a brand-new way to play with the introduction of the Arcanist class. Boasting three unique skill lines and an all-new combat mechanic called the Crux system, Arcanists wield the eldritch powers of Apocrypha to obliterate their foes and protect their allies.

Get the inside scoop on each of the Arcanist’s three new skill lines from Brian Wheeler, Lead Combat Designer for ZeniMax Online Studios, and discover the arcane powers you can wield when exploring the Telvanni Peninsula and worlds beyond.

Herald of the Tome

“The Herald of the Tome skill line is designed mostly around dealing damage to your enemies,” explains Wheeler. “There’s a wide variety of abilities here too, with some dishing out area-based effects while others focus on specific targets. There’s versatility in how you want to inflict pain on your enemies.”

When in design, the team knew the Arcanist had to stand out, so they focused on themes of cosmic horror and Hermaeus Mora’s Black Books, opening an eldritch portal to a wide selection of powers.

“Some abilities have a very crisp and precise look, while others are more chaotic and visceral,” says Wheeler. “In our testing, we saw players load up their entire action bar with Arcanist abilities, so we wanted to ensure that this skill line had a wide breadth of supporting visuals.”

If any one ability captures the feel of the Herald of the Tome skill line, it is Fatecarver, which makes powerful use of the class’s new combat mechanic.

“We wanted players to channel pure arcane energy into a beam they could aim anywhere without requiring a target while also interacting with our new Crux system,” explains Wheeler. 

“The more Crux you have, the harder the beam hits when you cast it.”

Curative Runeforms

“Curative Runeforms adds healing and support to the Arcanist suite of abilities,” says Wheeler. 

“Like the Herald of the Tome line, you can find some good synergies here blending single-target and area-based healing along with some new toys like Apocryphal Gate, granting mobility via a pair of portals.”

Being able to quickly identify what heals and what hurts is vitally important in the heat of battle, so the team made sure that despite having shared origins in Apocrypha, the damaging and healing skill lines appeared distinct.  

“This skill line has less ‘brutal chaotic’ looks to it, and we leaned into some of the watery or inky feel of Apocrypha,” says Wheeler. “For example, Arcanist Domain has a watery edge around its ability while also showing a cool animation as you fling out runes.” 

Soldier of Apocrypha

“The Soldier of Apocrypha skill line is focused mostly on taking damage and surviving,” explains Wheeler. “But there’s also some u

MLB The Show 23 brings Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and June live content info

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MLB The Show 23 introduced a new game experience celebrating the rich history of the Negro Leagues called Storylines. We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelmingly positive response to this new game experience passion project for the development team. Storylines wouldn’t have been remotely possible without the amazing partnership with the Nego Leagues Baseball Museum and its President, Bob Kendrick.  

A few short weeks ago, plans to build a brand-new museum were announced. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the world’s only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of African American baseball and its impact on the social advancement of America.  

In partnership with Major League Baseball, The Players Association, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  

MLB The Show 23 brings Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and June live content info

From today through June 30, only on US digital platform stores where MLB The Show is sold, you can purchase the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Charity Pack ($4.99 USD). PlayStation and San Diego Studio will donate 100% of the proceeds* from this pack after store platform fee deductions are applied to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  

Your purchase of the Negro L

4 new PS VR2 games announced – Tiger Blade, Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate, Pixel Ripped 1995, The 7th Guest VR

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Today, we’re happy to announce four new titles making their way onto PS VR2 in the near future. Below you can enjoy the reveal trailers plus additional details about new games such as Pixel Ripped 1995, Tiger Blade and 7th Guest VR, plus get the first look at the PS VR2 debut of the critically acclaimed Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate.

These four join the ever growing PS VR2 lineup, which includes games like recently launched action rhythm title Beat Saber and upcoming games like mind-bending sci-fi shooter Synapse, horror-fueled Resident Evil 4 VR, and other new additions announced at last month’s PlayStation Showcase.

Unsure what to play next? Remember there are many demos and trials of games on PlayStation Store, including
Horizon Call of The Mountain, Resident Evil Village, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and more*.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the new games and let their creators share more details:

4 new PS VR2 games announced – Tiger Blade, Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate, Pixel Ripped 1995, The 7th Guest VR

Tiger Blade

Tiger Blade brings all the stylish, adrenaline-soaked combat of the very best of Korean neo-noir action cinema to PS VR2. Slash and blast your way through ranks of hoodlums in a high stakes chase through the atmospheric and meticulously recreated marketplaces, docks, alleys, and streets of Sewoon. Set in an alternate Korea, you take the role of the deadliest assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Ordered to steal a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you are shocked to find the object of the heist is, in fact, a tiger cub – thought extinct for a hundred years, the mythical creature is now desired by every gang in the city.

Tiger Blade is designed to be highly replayable, with a scoring and ranking system, online leaderboards, and speedrunning, and secondary objectives. The heart-pounding, non-stop action is further intensified thanks to haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and headset rumble. To complete the Korean influence that runs through Tiger Blade, the action will be played to the beat of original Korean Hip-Hop. If you enjoyed the music for the trailer – ‘Seat Belt’ by SINCE

Rogue Legacy 2 comes to PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on June 20

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Rogue Legacy 2 is landing on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on June 20. What’s more, it will be launching straight into the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, so Extra and Premium members can download it straightaway and jump in! We’re going all-out by releasing RL2 with full cross-buy support for the PS4 to PS5. The game also includes the latest free content updates, the Fabled Heroes and the Swan Song, which are packed with additional challenges and exciting new game modes.

The original Rogue Legacy was released nearly a decade ago, and it’s incredible to think back on how it helped popularize roguelites on PlayStation. The community’s support for our little indie dream was nothing short of impossible. We were expecting a few hundred thousand players at best, but somehow ended up with more that 3.5 million across all PlayStation platforms. To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement.

With the upcoming aunch of Rogue Legacy 2 we’re excited to see if history will repeat itself. And to celebrate, Cellar Door Games is taking a look at some of our favourite roguelikes/lites (that aren’t Rogue Legacy) on PlayStation, and I’m giving some personal insight on what made them so great.

Rogue Legacy 2 comes to PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on June 20

Slay the Spire

What it is: A deckbuilding roguelike where you slowly build your own deck as you ascend a tower.

What We Liked: One of the first deckbuilding roguelikes that truly capitalized on the “one more run” addiction. You can tell that the developers had a deep understanding of deck-building mechanics because of how well the cards synergize with one another. The balance and tempo throughout every run is also impeccable, both on the micro (enemy encounter length) and macro scale (time it takes to curate your final deck).

Aside from being incredibly solid and consistently fun, the map progression system is one of those things that had a real impact on the roguelike genre as a whole. Since the release of Slay the Spire, the ‘tower path’ progress format has been copied endlessly, because it’s just ridiculously elegant and simple.


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