20 Years of Guerrilla: The Story of a PlayStation Studio

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The year we formed Guerrilla, 2003, was an interesting time for gaming. The PlayStation 2 had launched three years earlier to critical acclaim. People were losing their minds over the technological feats being achieved with all the power it offered (six whole GFLOPS!).

Early days of development

Meanwhile, we were working hard in the Netherlands – some of us making Game Boy Color games. We were called Lost Boys, we were scrappy, maybe flying by the seat of our pants a little, but we were also ambitious. So, when the opportunity came up to create these new experiences that push boundaries and steer the industry, we grabbed it with both hands.

It was a time of experimentation, and it was exciting to be at the forefront of innovative, interactive technology. I think it’s clear that’s still in our DNA – in Decima, especially.

As Guerrilla, we made a lot of work for ourselves right off the bat, creating 3D immersive games with Shellshock: Nam ‘67 and Killzone. Unexpectedly, our small studio was quickly catapulted to the global stage. Killzone’s gritty galactic war captured the imagination of gamers, and we were proud of having made a mark in the industry and having developed a first-person shooter for Sony.

20 Years of Guerrilla: The Story of a PlayStation Studio

It wasn’t long until we jumped to work on the sequel. By this time, consoles were taking the world by storm, and PS2 players especially. By that point, we knew what we were doing a little bit more, and Killzone 2 raised the quality bar for us. It’s nice to see it considered a ‘classic’ of that generation – even if it makes me feel a little old reading that back.

Around when the PlayStation 3 console was launching, we became a first-party studio for Sony. They were really supportive of our creative visions, and their new technology was, as always, best-in-class. We experimented with the latest tech, like the PlayStation Move motion controllers, and we expanded the world of Killzone into handheld experiences.

This period was truly one of growth for us at Guerrilla in every sense. We navigated what it meant to be a first-party studio for Sony, growing and having visibility on the global stage. We were regularly producing games. They were popular. But it only pushed us into wanting to spread our creative wings, staying true to the motivation of our early years.

A new generation for Guerrilla

By the time we released Killzone Shadow Fall (2013) for the PS4, we were at a turning point.

PlayStation Store: April 2023’s top downloads

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It’s time to see which top downloads for PS5, PS4, PS VR2, PSVR, and free-to-play were showered with the most downloads to make the list this month. The U.S. and EU PS5 charts shared the same frontrunners, while the PS4 charts had a surprising first-place winner across the board. PS VR 2 charts saw a lot of movement across genres in both regions.   

Check out the full listings below. What titles are you playing this month? 

PS5 Games

STAR WARS Jedi: SurvivorSTAR WARS Jedi: Survivor
Dead Island 2Dead Island 2
MLB The Show 23Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto VFIFA 23
NBA 2K23Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IINBA 2K23
Resident Evil 4Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts LegacyFAR CRY 6
WWE 2K23Cyberpunk 2077
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Madden NFL 23WWE 2K23
Mortal Kombat 11GRAN TURISMO 7
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesDiablo II: Resurrected
Cyberpunk 2077Watch Dogs: Legion
GRAN TURISMO 7Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
The Last of Us Part IThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

*Naming of products may differ between regions
*Upgrades not included

PS4 Games 

The Last of Us Part IIThe Last of Us Part II
MinecraftFIFA 23
NBA 2K23Minecraft
Red Dead Redemption 2Grand Theft Auto V
MLB The Show 23Red Dead Redemption 2
EA Sports UFC 4A Way Out
FIFA 23Gang Beasts
Gang BeastsEA Sports UFC 4
Grand Theft Auto VNBA 2K23
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIARK: Survival Evolved
Dead Island 2theHunter: Call of the Wild
theHunter: Call of the WildCall of Duty: Modern Warfare II
7 Days To DieThe Forest
ARK: Survival Evolved7 Days To Die
Batman: Arkham KnightThe Last of Us Remastered
A Way OutMonopoly Plus
Final Fantasy VIDead Island 2
Resident Evil 4Tekken 7
Mortal Kombat XStar Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Battlefront IIBatman: Arkham Knight

*Naming of products may differ between regions

PS VR 2 Games*

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship EditionPavlov
PavlovCreed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter

Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 456: O’Dell Awakens

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This week we introduce our newest pod member O’Dell, plus Respawn Entertainment’s Design Director of Combat Jason de Heras stops by to discuss Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and how devs chose to expand upon its predecessor.

Stuff We Talked About

  • Gran Turismo movie
  • Marvel’s Spiderman 2 prequel comics
  • Humanity
  • After Us
  • Dredge
  • Interview with Jason de Heras with mild spoilers (starts at 16:05)
  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Cast

Share of the Week: Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores

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Last week, we asked you to join Aloy on her latest Burning Shores adventures using #PSshare and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

call_me_xavii shares Aloy taking in her lava-flowing beach surroundings.

Cosmic_Nook shares Aloy flying over the shore on the back of a Sunwing.

mett981 shares Aloy standing in the glow of lava and moonlight.

bookmancer_myth shares an ancient boardwalk ferris wheel grown over with plants.

indefinite06 shares Aloy leaping at a T-rex hologram.

RevolutionAndre shares Aloy taking in the overgrown Hollywood sign.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Portraits of Seyka from Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on May 10, 2023

Next week, we’re turning our Focus on Aloy’s newest companion in Horizon Forbidden West. Share portraits of Seyka from the Burning Shores expansion using #Psshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

Players’ Choice: Vote for April’s best new game

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We traveled to new galaxies, the land of the dead, and raced through magical kingdoms with a dash of time travel in between. Which game took us to the best places in the month of April? 

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. Soon thereafter, we’ll close the polls, tally your votes, and announce the winner at PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? In keeping with our long tradition in the Game of the Year Awards, remastered or re-released games won’t qualify. Ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds and remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.


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