Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18, 2022

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It’s been a few months since we shared the first Horizon Forbidden West gameplay experience during State of Play, where we showed you a glimpse of where Aloy’s journey will take her next and showcased exciting new elements like swimming, free climbing, expanded melee combat, and more.

At that time, Horizon Forbidden West had just passed a major milestone and we had entered the final stage of development; on track, but a bit uncertain if we’d be able to polish the game to the level of quality we strive for.

It’s no surprise that our teams were hugely impacted by the global pandemic; we have been adjusting to new workflows, protocols, and other challenges, while keeping our teams safe and prioritizing a healthy work/life balance.

Today we are delighted to confirm that our long-awaited sequel is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18, 2022. Pre-orders start on September 2, 2021, so look out for more information on that next week.

While the decision to move the game’s launch to 2022 certainly wasn’t easy, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our fans for their unwavering support; we know how much you’ve been looking forward to reuniting with Aloy and her friends, continuing her story, and exploring a new and more dangerous world. Your passion, fan art, cosplay, virtual photography, and videos have meant the world to all of us.

To that end, we know our community has been asking for an Enhanced Performance Patch for Horizon Zero Dawn played on PlayStation 5. That patch is NOW LIVE, letting PS5 players enjoy a targeted 60 FPS as a free update! If you already have a copy, this will be automatically updated, or for any first timers to Horizon, you can find it via the Horizon Zero Dawn product page or on our social channels.

We will have more information to come in the following months, and look forward to seeing  you soon in the Forbidden West…

Jett: The Far Shore to deploy October 5 on PS4 and PS5

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Today is a great day. Earlier this summer we offered a glimpse at what Jett is all about and how it plays, yesterday we announced our project has gone gold, and today we’re thrilled to be here to announce a release date. 

Jett: The Far Shore will alight on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on October 5, 2021.If you’re eager to embark, know that pre-orders are available today at a 20% discount until launch day.

To mark this occasion, we’ve cooked up a new Jett video for you, providing fresh glimpses into the distinct universe, narrative and tone of this unusual interstellar action adventure.

Jett: The Far Shore to deploy October 5 on PS4 and PS5

Jett tells a layered cinematic story, with on foot segments where you’re able to soak in the mood of a space and talk to people, including your fellow Jett scouts, as you piece together a thoughtful narrative that is sometimes warm and intimate, often heavy hearted, occasionally spectacular. When you’re not on foot you’re at the helm of a low-flying Jett, working alongside fellow Jett scouts, employing scientific tools to better understand an unfamiliar planet. As you progress in Jett, the scope of the story will come into focus as the Jett action broadens. Before long you’ll find yourself roaming through scenarios that reveal some of Jett’s immersive sim aspirations. 

Jett began long long ago, even before Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, when Craig D. Adams at Superbrothers A/V and I met. We discovered a resonance, and soon found ourselves discussing concepts involving low-flying Jetts leaving long trails zipping across naturalistic landscapes, while evocative music and immersive audio create strong vibes.

In those early days Craig was pretty fired up about Fumito Ueda’s video games like Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, as well Motorstorm: Pacific Rift by Evolution Studios, and thatgamecompany’s flOwer. You may detect vibes, and even some design sensibilities, in common with those.

Now, I wasn’t involved in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, ho

Jurassic World Evolution 2 launches November 9, 2021

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We’re excited to welcome you to a world evolved when Jurassic World Evolution 2 launches on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on November 9.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 launches November 9, 2021

Jurassic World Evolution 2 builds upon the ground-breaking and immersive 2018 original, introducing a compelling new narrative campaign, incredible new features including expanded construction and more customisation options, and awe-inspiring new prehistoric species brought to life with captivating authenticity. Here’s what’s in store.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 offers four game modes, including Campaign mode following on from the events of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom where you work alongside the DFW (Department of Fish and Wildlife), the Government agency tasked with establishing facilities to control, conserve, and contain dinosaurs now in the wild. For those of you looking to unleash your creativity, Sandbox mode offers players all the tools they need to create their ultimate Jurassic Park or Jurassic World dinosaur park. For those of you on PS5 you will also be able to build multi-era parks utilising both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World buildings and decorations in Sandbox mode. While Challenge mode allows you to truly test their management skills in a range of different missions with escalating difficulty, attempting to achieve the best park rating in the shortest amount of time.

A new mode for Jurassic World Evolution 2 is Chaos Theory mode, where you can revisit pivotal moments from the Jurassic World film franchise and add your own mark in a range of “what if” scenarios. Whether realising John Hammond’s dream of an operational Jurassic Park, showcasing a T-Rex in the San Diego Amphitheatre, or building and running your own Jurassic World with the support of iconic characters such as Dr. Henry Wu (voiced by BD Wong). We can’t wait for you to experience this new mode.

Along with these modes and features, we have more than 75 awe-inspiring prehistoric species come to life in Jurassic World Evolution 2. These include highly requested flying and marine reptiles, such as the Mosasaurus, and returning community-favourites like the T-Rex and Velociraptor. These majestic creatures feel more alive than ever as they interact with each other, fight for dominance, preside over territory, and display brand new behaviours while reacting intelligently to the world around them. Our latest trailer showed

Season 0 of the Splitgate beta starts today

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Hey PlayStation Nation! I’m Ian, creator of the game Splitgate and CEO of 1047 Games.

Last month, Splitgate started its open beta, a typically uneventful testing phase where us devs receive feedback and put on some minor finishing touches before the official release. However, our open beta was anything but typical.

If you aren’t familiar with what happened, long story short, Splitgate basically exploded (in a good way) which left our servers unable to keep up with the demand. In the span of a month, our servers went from supporting 4,000 players at once to 175,000 players! All in all, our servers had some growing pains, so we had to implement short-term solutions to prevent back-end crashes.

With our original plans completely changed, we decided to put off our official launch in favor of extending the beta to enable us to continue working on our servers while still giving players new content.

Season 0 of the Splitgate beta starts today

The Splitgate Beta’s next phase – Season 0

With Season 0 starting today, players will experience the same exact content we originally intended for the official release, but we’re still calling it a beta. Here’s what to expect from today’s update:

  • New Map: Karman Station
  • Season 0 Battle Pass – 100 Levels of exclusive items
  • Season-spanning Challenges
  • New Mode: Contamination
  • New weapon skins, armor sets, and emotes

The new map, Karman Station, is the most beautiful map we’ve ever made, in my opinion. When you load up the game after updating, this should definitely be the first thing you check out.

Season 0’s Battle Pass has some of the best items we’ve ever made. Readers of the PlayStation Blog get a first-look at the Battle Pass.

Another addition we’re really happy about is Contamination mode. Many players have been requesting it, and listening to suggestions from the community is something we pride ourselves on. Contamination is our first “asymmetrical” game mode where both teams are not equal to each other. When the contaminated team gets a frag on the normal team, when that player respawns, they become a member of the contaminated. We’re really excited to see the community’s response to it.

How did we get here?

By now we were expecting to be officially released, have a stream of updates coming, have a solid player base of a few thousand, and be steadily growing. Fate had other plans. Splitgate recently hit over 10 million downloads and 175,

The threats of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

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Welcome to another blog about our forthcoming game—House of Ashes! I’m Will Doyle and I’m a game director here at Supermassive Games. Today I am going to talk to you about monsters and what they mean in our game. 

The threats of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

House of Ashes takes place at the close of the Iraq war in 2003. High in the Zagros Mountains, an elite military unit searching for chemical weapons comes under fire from holdout Iraqi forces. During the firefight, sinkholes open in the ground beneath them, plunging both sides into the ruins of a long-lost Sumerian temple. Our soldiers are not alone down there—they have woken a nest of unearthly creatures, which are hungry for blood! Across the course of one night, our survivors must learn to evade, adapt and strike back against the horde of creatures hunting them. To survive the night below, our soldiers must forge a brotherhood with their enemies from the world above. 

In the most classic sense, “monsters” are grotesque creatures that violate our notions of humanity and the natural order of things. We fear them because their existence shatters our understanding of the world—such things should not be, yet here they are, in the flesh. Monsters don’t obey our rules, they kill, they terrorize, and they corrupt. Of course, not all monsters are supernatural—the term “monster” can also be applied to people who abandon their own humanity. When a human behaves like a monster, are they even human anymore?    

We wanted to explore all these themes in House of Ashes. The underworld creatures you’ll face in the game are brutal, relentless killing machines. They are real, but they are not human. We purposefully wanted them to be as inhuman as possible—they don’t think like we do, they don’t show mercy like we do, they just want us dead. We knew that the more inhuman we made them, the more humanity they’d bring out in our human soldiers. Unfortunately, the characters you control are not all friends, and you’ll be presented with some very difficult choices around who to trust, who to help, and who to leave behind. Setting our game in a war zone immediately gave us thorny tensions between our characters: a mix of prejudices, rivalries, and mistrust. With such strong tensions running within the group, you’ll sometimes question if the creatures aren’t the only monsters down there. To defeat their inhuman enemies, your


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