Days of Play 2023 sale kicks off on June 2

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Hi everyone! Days of Play is back this week and we wanted to give you a quick look at some of the deals you can find across PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Gear,, and PlayStation Store, along with additional offerings available at participating retailers.

Days of Play 2023 will begin on June 2 at 12:01 AM until June 12 at 11:59 PM local time in each region. Our official Days of Play site will be updated with more information later this week, so be sure to check the site for the latest details. Please note that offers may vary by region and are available while supplies last.

Here are some of the upcoming deals to look out for:

Save on PlayStation Plus memberships

Start, renew, or extend your PlayStation Plus membership during Days of Play at a discount. Get access to quality titles, from Monthly Games, to Game Trials, to the compelling Game Catalog and Classics Catalog with hundreds of blockbusters and classics to choose from – depending on the plan you choose.*

For both new and current PlayStation Plus members, all 12-month plans will be offered at 25% off – this includes Essential, Extra, and Premium/Deluxe.

Current PlayStation Plus Essential and Extra members can also receive 25% off a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month membership when upgrading to a higher tier plan – it’s a great time to try PlayStation Plus Premium or Deluxe.

Deals directly from PlayStation

For players in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, head over to when Days of Play begins and you’ll find a wide range of deals for select PS5, PS4, PC games, and accessories.

For players in Austria, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, celebrate the launch of with discounts on select PS5 games and accessories using the following promo codes:

  • Use code DOPSAVE15 for up to 15% on select PS5 Accessories, including DualSense charging station, HD camera, media remote, Pulse 3D wireless headsets, select PS5 console covers.
  • Use code DOPSAVE40 for up to 40% on select PS5 games.

Offers are available for the duration of the promotion while supplies last and vary by region. Find out more on when Days of Play kicks off on June 2.

Store-wide promotions on select PlayStation Gear merchandise

Celebrate Days of Play on PlayStation Gear store, with 20% off select merchandise and free shipping on all orders using promo code DAYSOFPLAY23.

Players can also get additional offers on PlayStation Gear on the following days:

  • On June 2, spend $50 or more and receive a PlayStation insulated beverage sleeve with your order.
  • On June 7, enjoy savings on outerwear – buy any sweatshirt or jacket and get another 50% off.
  • On June 12, shop from PlayStation’s Picks for exciting bundles and merchandise from various games.

Offers on select digital games available on PlayStation Store

This year, save on a variety of digital games and add-ons on PlayStation Store. Offers vary by region, so head to PlayStation Store when Days of Play begins to view the full list of local deals.

There will also be additional deals on

Charge into battle in Battlefield 2042 – Season 5: New Dawn, deploying June 7 

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Get ready to squad up in an all-new season of Battlefield 2042, coming June 7. Prepare to show no mercy as Season 5: New Dawn* puts your squad front and center. Experience the Battlefield 4-inspired Reclaimed map. Lead the charge to victory with all-new weapons, gadgets, and tools. Enjoy a plethora of improvements to Battlefield 2042, including the returning Squad Management system, a rework of vehicle loadouts, new weapon stations like thermal tech and heavy anti-air, rehauled Vault weapons, and a reworked version of the Hourglass map. Keep reading for all the intel you’ll need to charge into battle this season!

Charge into battle in Battlefield 2042 – Season 5: New Dawn, deploying June 7 

Welcome to Czechia

This landlocked European country is the setting for the Season 5 Reclaimed map. In 2048, war descends on an abandoned industrial facility slowly being retaken by nature. Let’s take a quick look at the areas of particular interest to anyone deployed here:

● Looking for some serious vehicle combat? Head immediately to the Crash Site. Just look for the derailed train in this once-secret train route. The Landing Zone is hidden away in the forest providing a circular area ideal for close-quarters combat, with new sightlines opening up when trees are destroyed.

● The towering indoor space of the Abandoned Turbine sets up incredible crossfire opportunities due to its verticality and cover. While the Military Warehouse’s floors are more likely to attract snipers and a range of gunplay experiences because of the narrow layout.

● Hidden inside the nearby mountains lies The Bunker, forgotten and made up of a central room where short-range, close-quarters combat will always be pretty intense. The Silos, on the other hand, are an expansive outdoor area perfect for vehicle combat – including truly epic tank battles. Easy to spot due to its four towers rising up from the ground, The Silos also provides plenty of elevated areas for infantry to more safely take a shot at vehicles dominating the ground.

Your Season 5 arsenal

You’re going to need the right weapons to handle everything this new season can throw at you, luckily, we’ve got just what you need:

● XCE Bar – This high-precision bolt action rifle has expanded attachment capability to accompany its stopping power, letting you quickly swap through attachment options to engage foes at various distances.

● GEW-46 

Share of the Week – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Cal Kestis

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Last week, we asked you to focus in on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hero Cal Kestis using #PSshare #PSBlog.. Here are this week’s highlights: 

nahHermes shares a profile portrait of Cal with a close cropped haircut.

zaurielvp shares a portrait of Cal holding up an orange lightsaber.

souchan1235 shares a long-haired Cal using the Force to lift an enemy.

lunar9p shares a handlebar-mustached Cal posing with BD-1.

dharlequin shares Cal whipping around his long locks.

BimoArc shares Cal whipping down a rope past a billboard with his face blazoned across it.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: PlayStation x Destiny 2
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on May 31, 2023

Guardians, next week we venture to the world of Destiny 2 and turn the spotlight on the new PlayStation collaboration armor ornament sets. Share epic moments wearing one of the three new sets using #PSshsare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

Alone in the Dark Spotlight – Hollywood talent and new gameplay

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Returning to the origin of survival horror with Alone in the Dark meant creating a faithful love letter for long-term fans, but also an accessible entry point for new players. Crafting a reimagining that modern gamers will love while staying true to the original experience takes time, and we’re happy to reveal that the wait is almost over – Alone in the Dark will release on PlayStation 5 on October 25.

The team at Pieces Interactive are die-hard Alone in the Dark fans, and knew exactly where to turn when it came to reimagining the game that gave birth to a genre. Creatively led by Mikael Hedberg, writer of horror classics Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, with creature designs from legendary Guillermo Del Toro collaborator Guy Davis, their vision for Alone in the Dark was a dream (or is that nightmare?) come true for us.

Alone in the Dark Spotlight – Hollywood talent and new gameplay

As with any good survival horror game, we of course have mind-bending puzzles and clues you’ll need to explore to find, with a twist. If you want to really flex your investigative muscles, choose our difficulty that offers less assistance, or you can select an option which provides more tips, hints, and overall guidance.

Today, we fully unveiled this new, nightmarish vision to the world in our Alone in the Dark Spotlight stream. Across 11 nerve-jangling minutes, we revealed our starring talent of David Harbour as Detective Edward Carnby and Jodie Comer as Emily Hartwood, gave you a look at all-new gameplay and cutscenes, and dove into how the haunting Doom Jazz soundscape of Derceto Manor was brought to life. We also launched our playable Prologue, where you can get a short glimpse of the horrors that await you in the full game, today.

A new generation of classic horror

The power of modern hardware has unlocked new possibilities, especially when it comes to our lead character performances. Being able to capture more emotion in faces meant we could bring our dual protagonists Detective Edward Carnby (David Harbour) and Emily Hartwood (Jodie Comer) to life like never before. Whoever you choose to play as, you’ll experience the entire adventure through a performance from one of Hollywood’s most talented actors in their first ever videogame role.

While Edward and Emily may go through the same overall events in Alone in the Dark, both characters will interpret their journey differently through their reactions to their environments – and a few unique story mome

Aliens: Dark Descent combines horror and strategy to create a bone-chilling tactical thriller 

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Hi, I’m Romain Clavier, Game Director at Tindalos Interactive, the studio developing Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic real time squad-based tactical action game with rich management systems and twisted horrors. On June 20 you’ll be able to witness the Xenomorphs stalk their prey in a contemporary strategy game. But before you descend into the darkness, I want to use this blog post to shed some light on how our development team fused terror and tactics for Aliens: Dark Descent’s intense, lo-fi world.

First, let’s look at the horror elements of Aliens: Dark Descent. As the title suggests, the game is set in the Alienuniverse, more specifically tinted towards James Cameron’s action-based take on Aliens (1986) where players take on the role of a group of colonial marines trying to escape from a colony overrun by the titular aliens. From the very beginning, we worked hard to establish a tense and foreboding atmosphere; there are cryptically dim corridors, flickering fluorescent lights, and the constant threat of a Xenomorph attack, but what really changed Aliens: Dark Descent for the better was when we implemented our unique fog of war mechanic, where areas of the map are hidden to create dread and let players’ imagination run wild. This means that you must carefully plan your routes and movements at every turn, taking into account the risk of running into a Xenomorph or other unknown dangers.

Developing the Xenomorphs was one of the most rewarding challenges, as we want them to hit the same level of ruthlessness they’re famous for on film. Our goal is to have players drown in the tension from the potential of a ferocious ambush of a conniving pack of Xenomorphs. That said, we wanted to avoid having swarms of Xenomorphs in a way that would dull their individual significance so we opted to give the game’s enemies cunning strategic impulses to plan maneuvers on the fly, flank squads, and quickly retreat to gather more numbers.

Sound design is also crucial in eliciting that primal dread; we made sure to add the subtle hums of the tattered tech and eerie chirps of the creatures’ hissing and scurrying as you lead your crew on a variety of crucial missions.

But Aliens: Dark Descent isn’t all suspense and dismay – it also requires strategic thinking and planning to succeed. Players must manage their resources carefully, gathering supplies and weapons while avoiding detection by the Aliens and other enemies. 

While the constant threat of a Xenomorph attack creates a sense of urgency and danger, the strategic gameplay elements add depth and complexity to how players must react. Our stress mechanic is a ticking time-bomb acting as a constant reminder of how things can go wrong if distraught marines are left uncared for in this hostile environment. Permadeath will be the unfortunate reality for the most unlucky marines, making each mistake have a lasting impact; and the more the marines have progressed, the more heart-wrenching losing them will be. Players must constantly adapt and change their tactics to stay one step ahead of the Aliens, making each playthrough personal and exciting. My personal favorite feature is the slowdown mechanic, as it forces players into inescapable situations


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