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Stellar Blade New Game Plus mode available on launch, April 26

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Stellar Blade launches tomorrow, and that’s just the beginning of Eve’s mission to save humanity one slice at a time. Today we at Shift Up are excited to reveal that New Game Plus will be coming to Stellar Blade at launch on April 26, so players can continue their journey across Xion after the credits roll. The new mode included expanded gear levels, new costumes to wear, and a suite of new skills.

Before we dive into the New Game Plus details, let’s take a look at the Stellar Blade launch trailer showing off the exhilarating sci-fi melee combat that awaits.

Stellar Blade New Game Plus mode available on launch, April 26

New Game Plus details revealed

Alright, let’s dig into what players can look forward to after finishing Stellar Blade the first time.

Expanded wardrobe

In our upcoming New Game Plus, you can acquire new costumes and accessories for Eve, as well as additional costumes for Adam, Lily, and the Drone.

You can try re-opening the chests where you previously got your costumes or revisit the shops that sell them. You may also want to replay quests to earn costumes you missed on your first playthrough.

There are a whopping 34 new outfits for Eve to earn in New Game Plus, including five accessories, and two cosmetics each for Adam, Lily, and the Drone.

I’m particularly fond of the Crew Style outfit.

The Crew Style is only available in the New Game Plus chest, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

New Gran Turismo 7 update features an all-electric concept racing car created exclusively for the game

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Gran Turismo players! Now more than ever, technology is developing in ways that creates endless possibilities. This month’s GT updates features a glimpse of what the future would hold through two vehicles, the coveted ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo and AFEELA Prototype 2024 .   

Update 1.46* for Gran Turismo 7 will be available as of Wednesday, April 24 at 11:00pm PST / April 25 at 7:00am BST / 3:00pm JST. 

New Gran Turismo 7 update features an all-electric concept racing car created exclusively for the game

Three new cars added this month

ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo

A single-seater all-wheel drive EV from the distinguished Czech manufacturer. 

Drawing on the rich heritage of Škoda Motorsport, the Škoda Design Team has created a visionary study of a single-seater, all-electric racing concept car: the ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo. Created exclusively for Gran Turismo, this concept represents Škoda’s first inclusion in the Gran Turismo series. Inspired by the Škoda 1100 OHC Spyder racing car from 1957, a vehicle originally developed for the prestigious 24-hour Le Mans race, the Vision Gran Turismo is a modern tribute to this legendary racing car and promises an immersive and responsive driving experience. 

The ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo project began in 2019 when the design team revisited the iconic Škoda 1100 OHC. Initially, the team was debating whether to restore the original 1100 OHC or create a futuristic iteration for the digital age. After consulting with Chief Designer Oliver Stefani, the Škoda Design team opted for an innovative approach, creating a fusion of past and future. 

This racing concept pays homage to its legendary predecessor as well as incorporating the defining features of Škoda’s Modern Solid design language, as seen in its T-shaped headlights. What’s more, the Vision Gran Turismo showcases two distinct liveries: one reflecting the heritage of the famous Škoda 130 RS racing car from 70́s, and the other inspired by the Vision 7S concept car, which embodies Škodás Modern Solid Design philosophy. 

The ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo boasts a sleek exterior with crisp, clear lines and pronounced edges, mirroring the aesthetics of current Formula E racers. Its design is optimized for superior handling through active aerodynamics. Features like the aerodynamically sculpted body, and the striking, adaptive two-piece rear wing, all work together to dynamically adjust to d

Another Crab’s Treasure hands-on report: a playful Soulsike tribute with fresh ideas

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Developer FromSoftware minted a new genre when Demon’s Souls first released on PlayStation 3 back in 2009. The “Soulslike” genre was born, inspiring developers across the globe with its risk/reward mechanics, thoughtful melee combat, and connected world design.

Aggro Crab is one such developer. I recently went hands-on with their game Another’s Crab Treasure, which charts a different course through the genre. The PS5 game, out tomorrow, April 25, eschews grim, crumbling kingdoms in favor of colorful underwater lands. Instead of grim lore, it injects cheeky humor overflowing with references to Soulslike games and other properties. While at its core it still plays like a Soulslike, it introduces unique mechanics such as equippable shells with distinct properties.

Not your typical Soulslike vibe

On the surface, Aggro Crab’s Soulslike resembles a cheerful, simple adventure based on children’s cartoons. Beneath the surface lies controls and combat encounters familiar to fans of FromSoftware’s third-person action-RPGs.

The game begins with snail protagonist Krill being evicted from his shell, as a result of not paying taxes. Naked and vulnerable, he ventures deeper into the ocean to speak with the local matriarch to reclaim his home.

Aggro Crab’s tongue is firmly in cheek throughout the colorful adventure. For example, experience points are represented by environmentally devastating microplastics. Magic power manifests as mystical “Umami.” Trash litters the sandy sea floor, including fun and groan-worthy puns (see above used popsicle stick joke). One of my favorite details is a castle guard holding a straw and plastic soda cup lid like a greatsword. Aggro Crab’s sense of humor and colorful aesthetic serve as an entertaining antithesis to the familiar melancholy Soulslike tone.

Raise shell against your enemies

Of course, the main hook of any Soulslike lies in the gameplay, and Aggro Crab remains faithful to the genre with some fun twists. Krill’s moveset includes light and heavy attacks mapped to R1 and R2, respectively. The Circle button is sprint, Square casts Umami magic, and L1 blocks with your makeshift shell. Locking onto enemies like aggressive crabs is key to studying their movements, blocking and dodging until the perfect opportunity to strike. Holding R1 unleashes a satisfying charge attack, oftentimes causing defeated foes to drift off with the ocean currents.

Krill’s shell is where Another Crab’s Treasure distinguishes itself from many Soulslikes. As the game’s name suggests, Krill is in the market for temporary homes while he reclaims his original shell. These come in the form of soda cans, bottle caps, banana peels, party hats, you name it. Each “shell” acts as a shield and offers unique stat boosts, like tradeoffs for attack, Umami, defense, etc.

Some enemies are especially vulnerable to Umami magic, which means unleashing shells’ unique magical abilities is key. I particularly enjoyed the soda can’s proximity-based attack bubbles and the tin can’s electricity field. Shells have limited durability, however, so you’re always scanning for Krill’s

May Savings promotion comes to PlayStation Store 

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Share of the Week: Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Last week, we asked you put the spotlight on the Pawns of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and share portraits using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:

secondcapture shares a female Pawn wearing a circlet raises a goblin-faced staff


lunar9p shares three Pawns standing side by side with a 4th waving from the background

shimo_ps shares a female gray-haired Pawn glances forward


TheFinestJoe shares a male Pawn wearing glasses and a bear skin over his head stands with his arms crossed

kopicawcaw shares a players’ eyepatch-wearing Arisen and armor clad Pawn stand side by side

xenobitz shares a Pawn wearing glasses and a Beastren Pawn stand together in a cave

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week?

THEME:  Robots

SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on April 24, 2024

Next week, tech takes the spotlight. Share portraits of robots or androids from the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

EA Sports F1 24: new details on overhauled Career and Dynamic Handling, coming May 31

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Be one of the 20 in EA Sports F1 24, the official game of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship, arriving earlier than previous seasons for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on May 31.

Through the introduction of the new EA Sports Dynamic Handling, players will feel even closer to the action. Additionally, for the first time, join the grid in Career mode as a driver from the 2024 F1 season.

EA Sports F1 24: new details on overhauled Career and Dynamic Handling, coming May 31

Drive like the greatest

Working closely with current World Champion and Champions Edition cover star Max Verstappen, the new EA Sports Dynamic Handling redefines the feel of the car to produce a realistic and predictable performance across wheel and pad.

The driving experience is improved with entirely revamped suspension dynamics, an advanced tyre model, sophisticated aerodynamic simulation, and new car setup and engine options. Cornering, rolling resistance, brake pressure, and the ability to react to changes in ambient track temperature and fluctuating conditions are all greatly improved.

On PS5, this is further enhanced thanks to high-definition feedback through the DualSense controller’s rumble, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers; allowing you to feel every bump, kerb, and subtle shift in traction as your race.  

Greater authenticity

Improvements made to various circuits enhance the experience during race week, including significant updates to Silverstone for even greater accuracy. 

Modifications to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Lusail International Circuit, and Jeddah Corniche Circuit guarantee that these tracks align with their actual world equivalents. 

Cinematic replays, broadcast camera angles and showrooms once again feature ray-traced lighting on PS5, with on-track action benefitting from Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination, offering a more realistic feel to light and shadows.

A new broadcast presentation package and cutscenes add to the race day immersion. In addition, actual driver audio samples taken from F1 broadcasts add a new dimension, as they react to on-track incidents. 

Sound in general plays a massive part in the overall racing experience. With spatial diffraction and reflection (compatible headphones required), you’ll be able to hear the difference between

Updates on new indie titles coming to PlayStation

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Hello, everyone. Today, we revealed three upcoming indie titles that will appeal to many different PlayStation players. These titles are for those who like to challenge the unknown, our fans who prefer more spooky things, and those looking for something in between. We hope you discover something new to play.

Darkest Dungeon II | Coming July 15

Updates on new indie titles coming to PlayStation

Red Hook Studios returns with the sequel to the Darkest Dungeon series. This time, fans will be treated to a new 3D art style with full-character animations. The signature challenge of managing stress and bringing out the hidden talents of your heroes is still at the core, but this time, the journey will be a roguelike. Take a ride in a stagecoach across a bleak world in hopes of surviving long enough to find salvation.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 | Coming June 20

The popular series was a nail-biting delight on PlayStation VR2, and we know more fans wanted to experience the survival horror, so Steel Wool Studios is bringing it to the PS5. All the games found in the VR version have been adapted to utilize the PS5 and DualSense controller to provide immersive experiences. So, anyone willing to fill out a job application can play any way they choose.

V Rising | Coming 2024

Updates on new indie titles coming to PlayStation

V Rising: Here’s what to expect when you enter Dracula’s frozen domain of Mortium

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V Rising is a survival game with action RPG elements and razor-sharp skill-based combat coming to PlayStation 5 later this year. Wake up as a Vampire after centuries of withering slumber, your kin having been forgotten after a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Church of Luminance. Emerge from your crypt, explore a vast open world, hunt for blood, and build a sprawling castle on your quest to reclaim your former glory.

But what glory is there to reclaim? What is the Vampire promised?

Earlier this year when we announced V-Rising was coming to PS5, we provided a glimpse into its storyline, gameplay mechanics, and expansive open world. Today, we want to focus on one corner of the realm, the dangers that await within, and, of course, the Vampire King plotting his return from the heart of its overcast lands: Dracula.

V Rising: Here’s what to expect when you enter Dracula’s frozen domain of Mortium

Legend of the Immortal King

In the world of V Rising, Dracula was both a conqueror and tyrant, ruling from his throne in the frozen realm of Mortium, untouched by sunlight at the heart of the Vampire empire. From there, he waged a great war and brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Humanity’s desperate prayers were answered in the form of a divine power that appeared suddenly, for the first time, allowing them to repel not only Dracula’s Legion of Noctum but felled the Immortal King himself.

Yet for Dracula, defeat was not death.

In the eons since, the nocturnal lord has resided in a weakened state in the Shadow Realm, strengthening himself and planning his return. That time has come. Dracula has sent out a call to arms… rousing untold legions of Vampires from their centuries-long rest. Yet, not all who awaken are content to serve. Some are more ambitious than others and would instead seek to take the throne for themselves. In V Rising, you are one such Vampire.

Enter the Ruins of Mortium

The Vampire empire’s core lies in Mortium, a cold and regal snowscape famously untouched by sunlight. This was once the heart of the powerful Vampire civilization, ruled by the legendary Dracula. But now, after ages have passed, the grand spires and fortresses of the Legion of Noctum lay in ruins, abandoned and forgotten.

Read more

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 seeks new employees on PS5 June 20

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Have you been feeling some FOMO at Freddy’s recently? Has your lack of a PlayStation VR2 left you unable to play Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2? Well, I come (Faz)bearing great news: Freddy and the Gang heard you loud and clear, and they’re coming to your PlayStation 5 on June 20. Welcome to the team, superstars.

This adaptation of Help Wanted 2 seamlessly transitions the terrifying gameplay experienced in the PS VR2 game onto the flat screen utilized by the power of the PlayStation 5. No matter how you prefer to play, be it from your couch or wandering around your living room with a headset, Fazbear Entertainment is happy to welcome you to the Pizzaplex.

As a new hire, your job comes down to a series of tasks, the most important of which is clocking out of your shift alive. Stave off thirsty bots with a refreshing Fizzy Faz, now made using point-and-click controls for speedier service, happier customers, and less danger.

You know what they say though, all work and no play makes for an awfully dull shift. When you’re not trying to avoid the nearest animatronic, you’re encouraged to explore your new job and see all it has to offer. Cool off on Captain Foxy’s Log Ride, which now operates with first-person shooter-style controls that allow gamers to aim and fire with the swivel of a joystick and pull of a trigger. The game contains all the joy of Freddy’s VR dark ride, but with more opportunities to impress your boss with that high score you’ve been shooting for (pun intended).

The fun doesn’t stop there. All of the games in Help Wanted 2 have been carefully adapted to accommodate the PlayStation 5, allowing a wider range of new hires to come join the fun. If you’re already an employee via the PS VR2, the standard PS5 version is included at no extra cost to you. Our team has taken great care to ensure that every step you take is filled with the chills and thrills only Freddy’s can provide. 

We look forward to receiving your applications – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 hits PS5 June 20, 2024.

Darkest Dungeon II rolls onto PS5, PS4 July 15 

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We are thrilled to officially announce that Darkest Dungeon II will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 15. You can preorder it starting today, with a discount available to PlayStation Plus members.

Darkest Dungeon II rolls onto PS5, PS4 July 15 

In Darkest Dungeon II, we translated the beloved art style of the first game into 3D, complete with full character animations. We also carried forth the series’ signature turn-based combat system, but we rebuilt it from the ground up to be even more strategic and a true treat for the eyes and ears. But whereas the first game was pure dungeon crawler, the sequel is a roguelike road trip of the damned!

Each expedition, you will first form a party of four flawed heroes and equip your stagecoach. Then you will set off on an arduous journey across a decaying landscape filled with remnants of crumbling civilizations. Your mission: to overcome one of your past failures, embodied by a monstrous boss lurking atop the far off snow-capped mountain.

Along the way you will experience the tragic playable backstories of over a dozen heroes, and in so doing unlock the full potential of their skills, stats, and signature equipment. Just like in the first game, you’ll need to pay attention to heroes’ stress. But now you also can tend to their relationships. Resting at each Inn gives an opportunity for heroes to spend time together and become friends, lovers, or even bitter enemies. A good party is a harmonious one; a team of rivals may disintegrate long before you reach the mountain.

Whether you succeed or fail, after each expedition you return to the Altar of Hope and invest–in true roguelite fashion–in new items, boons, and content that will help you in future runs.

Releasing on PlayStation has allowed us to use the visceral DualSense controller features. You’ll feel the heartbeat of heroes on Death’s Door and the rumble of the stagecoach’s wheels as it rolls over a trap.

In addition to the base game, The Binding Blade DLC (two new heroes, a special questline, wandering boss, and more) is also available