Kayak VR: Mirage joins the PS VR2 launch line-up

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Paddle through the ice caves in Antarctica, kayak with dolphins in Costa Rica, conquer a thunderstorm in Norway and discover the canyons of Australia. In our kayaking game, made exclusively for VR, you can explore these real world locations with photorealistic graphics. And it’s looking better than ever on PS VR2 as Kayak VR: Mirage joins PS VR2’s launch line up.

Kayak VR: Mirage joins the PS VR2 launch line-up

The perfect showcase for PS VR2

Kayak VR: Mirage is a great game for newcomers and veterans of VR alike. Compared to most forms of locomotion in VR, paddling allows for a natural and intuitive way to move through an environment, making it a great game to show off your brand-new headset to friends and family. 

Besides the visual fidelity we also spent a lot of time on the game’s physics. While new players can quickly get the hang of the kayaking, more experienced kayakers are able to maneuver with the accuracy they’d expect from a real kayak. This focus on natural physics also applies to the rest of the environment: plants, floating ice and debris all respond realistically to your paddle and kayak.  

Unwind on the water

When designing the environments, we wanted you to feel like you’ve arrived at the perfect time. Paddle underneath the Aurora Australis, marvel at a whale that comes up for air or listen to the water breaking on the cliffs. These calming moments were designed to counterbalance the plethora of high intensity games available in VR and help you unwind after a long day or an intense gaming session.

Sea and wildlife are a big part of our design philosophy. Watch penguins jumping off ice cliffs, a turtle making its way from the beach to the water and dolphins swimming alongside you when you pick up speed. You can even try catching a fish with your paddle. But take it gently, like real fish, they’ll swim away dynamically based on the location and speed of the impact. 

As for the free Given Time campaign expansion due later this month, here’s a showcase.

Jett: The Far Shore’s new campaign, Given Time, available for free on January 31

You’ll be able to start the Given Time campaign separately in the main menu, whether you’ve played the original game or not. Progress in the campaigns are saved separately, so you can start one and switch to the other, and back again, although Jett is probably best enjoyed chronologically.

The new Given Time campaign takes place three years following the end of the events of The Far Shore. Note: some very light plot spoilers ahead in th

A Father’s Love – Building The Last of Us Episode 1 

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In one horrific night, Joel’s life is changed forever. As the player’s introduction to the world of The Last of Us, the evening spent with Joel, Sarah, and Tommy as the cordyceps outbreak changes everything cements the tone, style, and stakes of the franchise’s world. Whether you experienced that opening nearly a decade ago, or just recently via The Last of Us Part I on the PlayStation 5 console or The Last of Us on HBO, Joel’s harrowing night is an effective and necessary introduction to fully understanding Joel and Ellie’s journey throughout the rest of the game. 

To help us understand how that sequence came to be, and how its legacy lives on today, members of the Naughty Dog team and HBO show spoke about the work undertaken originally to create such an evocative opening, and how The Last of Us Part I brings these moments to fresh life. 

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t played or watched The Last of Us!

A Father’s Love – Building The Last of Us Episode 1 

The End Is the Beginning

While the introduction is also The Last of Us’ first chance to leave an impression on the player, the Naughty Dog team obviously iterated and adjusted this sequence throughout development. One of the most significant among those? Players would have, originally, had control of Joel much earlier. 

“The beginning of the game was one of the last things we got finalized when we were making The Last of Us,” Naughty Dog President and The Last of Us Co-Director Neil Druckmann said. “For a long time, the plan was to play as Joel, not to play as Sarah, and you as Joel would hear commotion over at your neighbor’s house, you would walk over there, you’d see they’re infected. Then you’d head back and grab your daughter…and then everything else [in the final game] was how it was planned.” 

But starting the adventure and experiencing all that through Joel’s perspective felt… familiar to the team. In wanting to differentiate the story from others in its genre, the idea of playing as Sarah came up during a design brainstorm.  With that, “everything kind of fell into place” according to Druckmann. 

“That felt like a really unique take on [this story]. The fact that you


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