First details on Helldivers 2 co-op and combat gameplay

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Greetings, future Helldivers. It’s Katherine, Arrowhead’s social media and community manager, back again to bring you new Helldivers 2 gameplay details: a more in-depth look at our cooperative play* and combat. 

First details on Helldivers 2 co-op and combat gameplay

Gearing up

After your Helldiver defrosts on your ship, you and your squadmates must prepare for a mission by customizing your armor, your weapons, and your stratagems together. 

Creating your loadout feels like part of the mission prep: changing your weapon to suit not only your appetite for destruction but the mission and enemy types you might encounter. Your greatest aids as a Helldiver are stratagems: powerful tools that can be summoned with short button combinations. Everything from airstrikes to Hellpods containing bigger, badder weapons to defensive gear and extra supplies are at your fingertips.

When selecting stratagems, it’ll be essential to coordinate with your team to select the best possible load-outs for the enemies and mission type. If you’re going up against armored enemies, like the Terminid Charger, you or a squadmate can equip armor-piercing weapons, like the AT-48 Recoilless Rifle or the AC-8 Autocannon, which feature a teammate-assisted reload to keep battles even more chaotic.

But don’t sleep on those defensive stratagems either. While one Helldiver is handling the heavy fire, another Helldiver can call down a shield generator to protect teammates as the enemies push back. In a four-person team, you’ll be able to select a mix of stratagems and weapons that will lead to a unique victory every time.

Ready for action

Once your Hellpod lands on a planet, you can start calling in support stratagems, which include more powerful weapons, shield generators, and supply backpacks.

Each member of your squad can play according to their own style: some of you will charge into the fight, others will call down a sniper rifle stratagem and maintain a safe distance while picking off the enemies. You can even sneak past encounters if your team moves carefully. You’re all free to decide how you want to spread Managed Democracy: up close and personal, or with tactical o

Naraka: Bladepoint’s new take on battle royale is coming to PS5 on July 13

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Hello! My name is Yongcheng, the Lead Producer of Naraka: Bladepoint PS5 version. We have been working hard on what we feel is the best version of Naraka: Bladepoint so far, and we’re really excited to finally bring our mythical, melee-focused martial arts battle royale game to PlayStation 5.

Naraka: Bladepoint’s new take on battle royale is coming to PS5 on July 13

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Naraka: Bladepoint, it’s the ultimate up-to-60-player PVP action combat experience, where players will engage in a unique battle royale experience that focuses on mastering fast-paced melee action in order to survive.

In the world of Naraka, everything begins with the endless war between 2 ancient gods: Sunwing and Moonbane. The Immortal Mask, created as a result of their battle, will grant mighty power to those who possess it. The game focuses on the subsequent war among mortals, including the blind blademaster of Yushan, Viper Ning, the great monk from another land, Tianhai, the Grey Wolf of the grassland, Temulch, and many more. In total, we now have 16 playable heroes, and the roaster keeps expanding. These heroes are all equipped with powerful skills and, as far as we’re concerned, are also some of the best-looking character designs we’ve made. Not only can you destroy your foes with master skills, but also do it in the coolest way.

We also created a vivid and multi-functional battlefield. There are ancient Eastern architectures you can climb and grapple around. Temples and cities, mines, waterfalls, wildflowers, butterflies…all these details in the environment work together and build a world you can literally immerse yourself into.

The core mechanism that makes Naraka so unique is the ‘rock-scissor-paper’ combat system.  When you click L2/R2, you will initiate normal attacks. And when you long-press L2/R2, you will charge a Focus attack which is unable to be disrupted by normal attacks and will cause higher damage.  Finally, we added a special gesture called Counter, which can beat Focus attacks and send your enemy’s weapon flying. But Counter does nothing

Rashid soars into Street Fighter 6 on July 24

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Prepare for the incoming storm, World Warriors. Rashid of the Turbulent Wind makes his Street Fighter 6 debut in Fighting Ground and the single-player World Tour mode starting on July 24. With a whirlwind of moves that will send him flying through each fight, Rashid leaves all opponents in the dust – unless they decide to Like and Subscribe.

Rashid soars into Street Fighter 6 on July 24

First appearing in Street Fighter V, the charming Rashid returns to the series, searching for a new outlook on life. Having an epiphany, he realizes he wants to find the strongest warriors around the world and record what their meaning of strength looks like. So starts his journey to becoming a vlogger, always carrying around his trusty camera to livestream and capture the spirit of strength.

Meet Rashid in World Tour where your avatar can learn his moves, speak to him about his life, and increase your bond with him through presents and missions. Max out your bond with Rashid to obtain his Outfit 2, which should look familiar to his fans and followers. Take your avatar with Rashid’s new moves to the Battle Hub and see what havoc you can wreak in Avatar Battles.

According to Game Director Takayuki Nakayama, Rashid’s “hair and bangs were a challenge and involved a lot of trial and error to get right. We wanted to emphasize his use of wind and parkour, so we ended up using cloth materials that were thin and fluttering. Since he’s a Footuber, he has a camera attached to the belt that crosses over his chest, and a smartwatch is embedded in his bracelet since he’s a gadget-loving character. Air is added to his sandals to emphasize his lightness and bouncing and running parkour movements. His gloves, sandals, and other parts that are used to attack are decorated with a motif of a hawk’s beak.”

Rashid retains much of his previous move set from Street Fighter V, but the winds of change have blown in a fresh gust of inspiration to play with. Rashid’s trademark ability to soar throughout the stage from all angles is intact, but with even more options to bring about the hurricane.

Nakayama-san provided insight into how Rashid plays in Street Fight

Essential Picks promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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The Essential Picks promotion is now live on PlayStation Store, bringing with it discounts off up to 70% on a wide variety of titles for a limited time*. That includes 50% off PGA Tour – Deluxe Edition, 45% off Dying Light 2 Stay Human and 60% off Subnautica for PS4 & PS5.