The Growing Future of The Last of Us

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Whether you’re here following our Summer Games Fest announcements or just catching up on the latest news from the studio, we’re excited to share what’s in store for the future of The Last of Us. Many of you have expressed how strongly The Last of Us series resonates with you, and we’re humbled by the community’s outpouring of passion and excitement towards the series’ growing and evolving world and characters.

We’re happy to share that The Last of Us Part II has sold through more than 10 million copies globally, as of this Spring. Knowing the support we have, our studio continues to see exciting, new avenues to introduce curious audiences and galvanize fans. With those opportunities in mind, let’s talk about the immense future of The Last of Us.

Standalone Multiplayer

It’s no secret that many of you are not only drawn to The Last of Us’ stories but also the game’s original Factions multiplayer. Since The Last of Us Factions’ release almost a decade ago, dedicated players have been vocal about an expansion upon that offering. 

However, we can finally announce that we’re creating something much larger than a mode. We’re thrilled to share a piece of concept art from our upcoming multiplayer experience, which is an extremely ambitious undertaking. We’re growing our studio significantly to ensure we build this full-scale, standalone game, with its massive scope and immense world, in a way that fans have come to expect from The Last of Us and Naughty Dog.

We aim to make our newest entry into multiplayer inviting to new players while still a thrilling challenge for more of our seasoned fans. There will be more news to come next year, and we cannot wait to introduce you to the team behind this new experience!

The Last of Us on HBO

From the onset, our original vision for The Last of Us’ story was cinematic and character driven, and HBO enthusiastically continued the spirit of that same vision to bring this story to TV screens worldwide. Helmed by Craig Mazin, Creator and Writer of Chernobyl, in tandem with Executive Producer Carolyn Strauss and Neil Druckmann, the incredible cast and crew strove to ensure a faithf

Casey Jones joins TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, six-player co-op revealed

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Ever since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Shredder’s Revenge was announced, fans across the world wondered: “What about Casey Jones?”. We can now reveal that the goalie-masked crimefighter will be slashing and bashing his way through New York starting June 16!

Casey Jones is available as an unlockable playable character for you and five other friends.

That’s right, for the first time, 6 players can take on the Foot Clan!

Casey Jones joins TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, six-player co-op revealed

Casey Jones joins the roster

Since Shredder’s Revenge is a true-blue beat-em-up it was unthinkable for us to work on this game without bringing in New York’s premier sports-themed vigilante.

Even though the athletic ace is mostly absent from the 1987 animated series, Casey is one of the Turtles’ most memorable allies, beloved by fans of all incarnations.

It was a true honor to bring ‘87 Casey Jones into the 2020s!

Always ready for crime-busting, Casey carries a sports bag filled with tricks, granting him a wide variety of offensive maneuvers. Shredder’s Revenge game designer Fred Gemus tells: “He might be slower than other fighters but his repertoire of sticks and clubs gives him not only a variety of attacks but also a whole lot of range and power.”

Like a good goon, Casey Jones enters the game ready to put the hurt on his adversaries!

First concept sketch of Casey Jones with his weapon arsenal

Whether it’s on the street, in the field or on the ice, Casey Jones is ready for action!

Animation supervisor for Casey Mathieu Godet tells us: “We quickly arrived at the idea of Casey’s almost “magical” Golf bag, where he can pull any sports equipment from, whether it’s a club, metal baseball bat or a hockey stick.”

2D animator, Aaron Manzano explains: “Casey’s mask posed a challenge for his expressions at first, so we had to make him more expressive throughout his gestures and I feel we’ve done a good job of that! We also wa

Reimagining iconic heroes for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, out October 7

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When Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches on October 7, players from around the world will get to dive into the darker, supernatural side of the Marvel Universe alongside the Midnight Suns. As Earth’s last line of defense, this team of legendary Marvel heroes must band together to stop Lilith, Mother of Demons, from resurrecting the elder god Chthon.

Reimagining iconic heroes for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, out October 7

To prepare for the fight ahead, the team at Firaxis were excited not only to design updated suits for the iconic heroes, but also to give them a signature, supernatural Midnight Suns look.

When creating these new suits we obviously wanted them to look unique, but it was also important to retain certain characteristics so that the heroes are easily recognizable even during intense combat sequences. Our early designs for the Midnight Suns combat suits had a somewhat Arthurian medieval look, but ultimately we opted for a sleeker combination of old and new that speaks to the potent combination of Stark technology and Doctor Strange’s magic.

Strange’s glyphs appear on golden filigreed armored plates that are used alongside sections of black ballistic plastics from Stark. On top of that, the new suits emanate magical Hellfire! Our goal was to make them look as though they’re radiating supernatural power—a modern twist on the traditional superhero suits.

Below are examples of how we approached designing suits for some of the Midnight Suns, along with hints at the abilities that the new Stark- and Strange-powered suits unlock in-game. 


Our color blocking of red and blue sections goes a long way to ensuring that Spider-Man is instantly recognizable. We also made sure to get the webbing design just right; it has a certain shape, design, and rhythm. This applies to his animations as well, which have a distinct acrobatic style and incorporate amazing, extreme poses. 

To fit the Marvel’s Midnight Suns aesthetic, we added sharp, dagger-like designs to the chest, back, and arms of Spider-Man’s suits and used similar shapes when designing his spider symbol. Even in his black-and-gold combat suit, Spider-Man is unmistakable as he uses his signature Midnight Suns ability—buffing himself while leaping into the air and hitting iconic poses with a burst of Hellfire behind him.


For Magik’s suit, which has a punk style, we looked to comics like 1992’s Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance series for inspiration.

Guile returns in Street Fighter 6 

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America’s hero is back! Guile returns in Street Fighter 6 when it launches in 2023 – and brings his endless swagger with him. As a U.S. Air Force pilot who fights for his country, Guile succeeded in dismantling Shadaloo and avenged his friend Charlie Nash. Although he enjoys living the family-man life, a new mission now awaits.

Guile returns in Street Fighter 6 

Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 combines his signature moves with fresh additions. He is one powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance. Splatters of green and yellow paint cover the stage when Guile utilizes the Drive System, harkening to the colors of his classic look.

Guile’s Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) are set to make their triumphant return in Street Fighter 6. What would Guile be without them, right? Sonic Boom is Guile’s main projectile ability and travels across the stage while Somersault Kick is an instant upwards move that can protect from airborne attacks.

Guile’s Sonic Blade from Street Fighter V returns as a Special Move rather than a V-Skill and sees him placing a stationary aerial slash in front of him. Sonic Blade can then be turned into a two-hit projectile if combined with Sonic Boom.

Let’s go over all three of Guile’s Super Arts, which reflects his journey as one of the most well-known World Warriors!

Sonic Hurricane (1 Stock) – Introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guile fires a massive aerial slash directly ahead. If used with a Heavy Punch, the aerial slash fires diagonally upwards as a good anti-air option. An extremely versatile move that can be used in combos, to counter projectiles, or as a way to turn the tables when being pressured.

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Pistol Whip’s new Contracts feature drags players out of retirement June 16

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No good hitman retires forever. Pistol Whip Contracts is here to make you an offer you can’t refuse, just sign on the dotted line and let the hunt for your targets begin.

Your assignment: elimination. Explore a whole new way to take down your enemies and reap the rewards with Contracts, a rotating daily, weekly, and monthly challenge system built to keep even the most experienced assassins on their toes.

Want to rack up some quick kills and get out of dodge? Step up for the Daily Bounty; a single scene that refreshes every day. For those looking to boast about completing a more dangerous mission, the Weekly Raid is available; a multi-scene operation that refreshes once a week. And for the veterans, experts, and those who have no fear, there is nothing more deadly than attempting the Monthly Ultimatum; a gauntlet of up to five scenes that refreshes at the beginning of every month.

Endless gameplay customization options are available through Pistol Whip’s Styles System, providing players with an extensive list of weapons and modifiers. But we hire you to kill, not to think, and sometimes a mercenary just wants to grab a gun to finish their assignment without a fuss. Enter Contracts. It’s never been so easy to jump directly into the action.

The nature of Contracts is to provide pre-arranged combinations of styles, weapons, enemies, and scenes so that a shooter of any skill level can experience a wide, ever-changing variety of challenges.

“Contracts use our wide variety of gameplay ingredients, plus a few new surprises, to serve up delicious layer-cakes of revenge, every day.” Says Joel Green, Game Director. “The optional multi-scene endurance contracts are something we’ve long wanted to add, and the designers are thirstily anticipating the inevitable suffering of our more audacious players.”

When a contract deadline is up, players will receive an emblem marked with their ranking, prominently displayed for others to see. There may even be a rare coin payable to those assassins who achieve the number one position – but will they try to dominate one board or rule them all?

Also included in this update are several Styles menu adjustments to provide smoother user accessibility, as well as new modifiers for faster bullets, slower bullets, and reinforced player armor.

Pistol Whip Contracts is slated for release on PS VR on June 16, bringing rotating daily, weekly, and monthly assignments into the pulse-pounding action of the Pistolverse. Mercenaries all over the globe will be getting back into the game, and we expect you’ll be among them. No compromise. No mercy. Just get the job done.


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