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Monster Hunter Wilds interview: How Capcom is evolving its apex franchise

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Back in 2018, Monster Hunter World’s immediate success propelled the game, and the Monster Hunter franchise, into the global spotlight. Its lush maps, deep combat, and memorable monsters helped it become one of Capcom’s most successful projects ever. Today, millions of players now eagerly await 2025’s follow-up, Monster Hunter Wilds.

New footage from State of Play and Summer Game Fest has given players lots to dissect, from new monsters and abilities to harsh, dynamic weather. But a recent hands-off presentation during Summer Game Fest allowed me to see live gameplay, and crucially how the game’s new features impact the experience.

Monster Hunter Wilds interview: How Capcom is evolving its apex franchise

In just those 30 minutes of demo gameplay, I saw several things that got me stoked for Wilds. The new map is much more detailed, particularly regarding verticality. Some maps in World were pretty dense and could overlap or even turn back on themselves. Perfect for a monster’s den, but sometimes confusing for players. This time around, between the map and new UI elements that tell you which direction the target monster is (and how far away they are), it’s much easier to keep track of your targets.

The target monster was the Doshaguma, new to Monster Hunter Wilds. In Wilds, players can select a monster on their map and begin a quest by engaging that monster in combat out in the field (Capcom did not confirm other ways players can begin quests, or other quest types in the game). Upon that first hit, an incredible piece of music swells to usher in the quest with full orchestral might and a driving, dramatic sense of conflict. As the hunt goes on, the sand leviathan Balahara appears with a deep pit that pulled Doshaguma down. They brawl in a classic Turf War scrap, with smaller monsters scurrying all around. Chaotic and intense, and about to escalate even further.

Not long into the battle, an imposing wall of dust and sand forms on the horizon. It soon blankets the area with a blue/black darkness, illuminated by stray lightning strikes. These weather events change which monsters may appear on the map, including a mysterious new Apex creature that fires lightning right out of its head.

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PlayStation Store: May 2024’s top downloads

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It’s time to see which PS5, PS4, PS VR2, PS VR, and free-to-play games topped the download charts last month. F1 24 is off to the races in May’s PS5 list by entering the top 3 of most downloads in the EU region, with Sea of Thieves ascending the list in both the US and EU regions. The PS VR2 list saw new release Madison VR enter the fray of most downloads in May.

Check out the full listings below. What titles are you playing this month?

PS5 Games

Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves
Madden NFL 24Grand Theft Auto V
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIF1 24
HELLDIVERS 2Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Grand Theft Auto VHELLDIVERS 2
NBA 2K24Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
MLB The Show 24TopSpin 2K25
Stellar BladeFallout 4
Fallout 4Who’s Your Daddy?!
Who’s Your Daddy?!Stellar Blade
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeAssassin’s Creed Valhalla
GroundedIt Takes Two
Another Crab’s TreasureNBA 2K24
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2Among Us
NHL 24Grounded
Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The GameMarvel’s Spider-Man 2

PS5 players will soon be able to join Discord voice chat directly from their console

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In recent years, we’ve partnered with Discord to introduce more ways for players to connect with their friends and communities across Discord and the PS5 console. Since we first introduced Discord voice chat on PS5, players have joined a Discord voice chat on PS5 more than 290 million times to hang out with friends in Discord voice channels while gaming.

Today, we’re pleased to share that we’re starting to roll out the ability for PS5 players to join Discord voice chat directly from the PS5 console, without relying on the Discord PC or mobile apps to initiate the connection.

PS5 players will soon be able to join Discord voice chat directly from their console

How to join Discord voice chat on PS5

To start, select the Discord tab in Game Base within the PS5 Control Center and choose the Discord server or DM group you’d like to join. Then, select your preferred voice channel. This will reveal more details, such as who is already in the channel chatting. You’ll also receive a PS5 console notification when another Discord user calls you, allowing you to join right away.

PS5 UI screenshot showing the option to join a Discord voice chat

This update will make it easier than ever to quickly hop into Discord conversations with other gamers. It will gradually roll out over the coming weeks, starting with players in Japan/Asia, followed by Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the Middle East, and finally the Americas.

Please note that you will need to update your console to the latest system software, and your accounts for PlayStation Network and Discord must be linked. If you haven’t yet linked accounts, you can learn how to do so here.

Profile Share also begins rolling out next week

Starting next week, we’re also rolling out the ability for you to share your PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social app. To begin, select “Share Profile” from PlayStation App or the PS5 console to generate a shareable link or QR code. When the recipient opens the link, they’ll have the option to add you as a friend once they’re signed in to PlayStation Network:

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LEGO Horizon Adventures hands-on report

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Aloy is ready to take on the post-apocalyptic world LEGO brick by brick this holiday season in LEGO Horizon Adventures. Guerrilla and Studio Gobo have built a playful spin on the familiar Horizon games that unleashes eye-catching stop-motion animation, chuckle-worthy storytelling, and (literal) worldbuilding that will make the familiar series feel like a new adventure. 

The hands-on demo laid the foundation for fun with an early solo tutorial stage controlling Aloy, followed by a co-op story mission where Aloy and her Nora tribe companion Varl set out to save a beloved leader from cultists using their weapons, environment, and yes, even hot dogs. Here are a few moments that caught my Focus: 

A familiar world, brought to life by LEGO bricks

Immediately the LEGO version of this world looks incredibly authentic, with every brick placed in a way that builds the world Horizon fans know and love. Aloy moves through the world in a stop-motion style that clicks right into place. The original voice cast has also returned to retell Aloy’s story with a cheeky tone, adding humor and playfulness that keeps familiar plot points fresh and delivers laughs for a wide audience. 

A LEGO girl and her bow

Aloy can use her bow for combat and to help navigate the brick-laden wilds. Holding the Square button lets Aloy aim her bow at specific targets. This is made easier by pressing R1 to activate her Focus, highlighting major targets in blue. Aloy unleashes powerful attacks by using the environment around her; shooting an arrow through a bonfire creates a flaming projectile, adding extra damage to enemies or setting grass or vines ablaze to open new routes.

Turn over every LEGO brick

Playful curiosity is often rewarded, so take the time to explore. While Studs – the LEGO form of currency – are scattered along main paths, more can be found by shooting barrels or other objects. Chests are found exploring off of main paths, and Aloy can discover special piles of bricks. Aloy can craft these bricks into various designs (a sailboat! A dog house!) to earn even more Studs. 

Make a home at Mother’s Heart

A visit to the game’s main hub village, Mother’s Heart, is a must. A trip to the All Mother Tree allows Aloy and any co-op companions to upgrade their specific weapons or use Studs to purchase upgrades that benefit everyone. This area is also where you can customize costumes or your hut, specifically its roof, yard, plot, and hut color. Naturally, I dropped some Studs on a roof fit with a roller coaster on top. I was even able to lift up and toss village NPCs into a purchased wardrobe, outfitting them with attire from the world of Horizon or other LEGO game properties. 

Tap in a couch co-op companion 

Once in Mother’s Heart, I let my couch co-op friend control Aloy as I stepped

Astro Bot hands-on report

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Astro is back with his biggest adventure yet, and I had an opportunity to play about 40 minutes in an early preview. Team Asobi’s colorful platformer is brimming with stages featuring empowering new abilities, inventive obstacles, and exciting PlayStation character cameos. 

The demo packed five fun stages to explore including full levels, smaller hardcore challenges, and a wet ‘n’ wild boss fight. While only some stages were available to play in this preview, the galactic maps hint at the scale of the final game — Astro’s new adventure hosts dozens of diverse stages and tons of cameo bots to rescue.

Let’s dive in.

Dependable platforming controls

If you played through Astro’s Playroom, you already know that controlling the little bot is a tight, responsive experience. Astro still has his trusty jump, attack, charged spin attack, and versatile laser-hover ability. If Team Asobi has made major updates to the core platforming mechanics, they’re too subtle for me to notice. But if it ain’t broke…!

A galaxy of various difficulty levels

Astro Bot’s overworld (“overuniverse?”) consists of multiple galactic maps. Once within the specific galaxy shown in the demo, myriad colorful planets dot the galaxy, each with their own levels. Helpfully, hovering over each level reveals its difficulty level (Easy, Normal, Hard). 

Sky Garden

One of the galaxy’s “easy” levels, Sky Garden is a vision of idyllic paradise with pink robo-flamingos wading in inviting blue ponds. Cherry blossom trees dot the landscape, with their petals floating atop the water. Astro explores across multiple connected floating islands in this stage.

Inflated Astro

In Sky Garden, Astro can collect a new item that pumps him full of air, swelling him to rotund proportions. Not only does this help you reach new hidden heights, it’s also adorable. 

Swimming robot

Astro must have received a software update since Astro’s Playroom because he can now explore underwater for hidden bots and treasures. The controls are simple, with Circle button to descend and X button to ascend.

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for June: Monster Hunter Rise, Football Manager 2024, Crusader Kings III, After Us and more 

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Take down gigantic monsters, bring your smarts to the pitch or the medieval world, explore a surrealistic post-human world, and much more with June’s PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup! Monster Hunter Rise, Football Manager 2024, Crusader Kings III, After Us, and many more games will be available from June 18. We’re also announcing new classic and PS VR2 game offerings coming to PlayStation Plus Premium.

And as a reminder, we announced a range of bonus PlayStation Plus titles earlier this month as part of our Days of Play celebrations. These are already available, and you can find more here

Let’s take a closer look at each of the new game announcements. 

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog

Monster Hunter Rise | PS4, PS5

Rise to the challenge and join the hunt in this high-flying addition to the Monster Hunter series. Personalise your hunter, choose from 14 unique weapon types, recruit your Palico Felyne and all-new Palamute Canyne companions, and gear up to explore a range of vas

A closer look at 11 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

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The PlayStation Blog crew flew down to Los Angeles, CA to attend Summer Game Fest Play Days and go hands-on (and off) with a variety of upcoming PS5 games. From titles both big and small, launching soon or further in the future, here are 11 exciting games we checked out at Summer Game Fest.

Kunitsu-Gami | Coming July 19

(For Southeast Asia) SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS launches on October 25, 2024!

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Years since his last solo outing, Shadow the Hedgehog is back as the star of a never-before-seen adventure: SHADOW GENERATIONS. It’ll be part off an all-new collection that includes SONIC GENERATIONS, which unites Classic and Modern Sonic in a journey through time and iconic Sonic worlds!

With 2 unique adventures to enjoy, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS will release on October 25, 2024.

With a set of new dark new powers, Shadow the Hedgehog returns for a new adventure in SHADOW GENERATIONS

In this new standalone campaign, Shadow’s nemesis, Black Doom, has reemerged and threatens to take over the world once again. Shadow must journey into his past, confront his painful memories, and unlock new dark powers to save the world.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update includes suit collab and fan favorites, available June 18

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A brand-new, free update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2* is upon us and it’s bringing eight new suits to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – including some new designs and returning favorites from previous games. This update, dropping on June 18, also addresses some community feedback and adds stability improvements to the game.

First, we’re delighted to fully unveil four new suits created in partnership with Colm Dillane, AKA KidSuper, and some special guest collaborators. Evenly split between the Spider heroes, these are new takes on Spidey suits designed from the ground up by KidSuper, Vini Jr, Lando Norris, and Rina Sawayama. Check them out – along with some notes from each designer!

Metro Suit (Miles Morales) – Designed by KidSuper

Fashion designer, Colm Dillane, AKA KidSuper, created the Metro suit for Miles Morales, which comes with additional variant suit styles: red on black, classic Spidey, and teal on purple. KidSuper not only partnered with us to make these suits, but he also worked closely with our special guests to design their suits!

“The puffer design you often see in my KidSuper collections and the exclusive ‘original’ colorway! We came up with designs that felt super original, like something only we could pull off.”

– KidSuper

Ginga Suit (Miles Morales) – Co-designed by Vini Jr. and KidSuper.

Professional Football player Vini Jr. wears his inspiration on his sleeve. A love letter to Brazil and the beautiful, global game of Football, the Ginga suit features a design and default colorway reminiscent of both: a sporty look for Miles Morales with a black, green, yellow, and blue shader. Of course, this suit also features added styles: red on black, classic, and gold on white.

“I wanted it to be a celebration of Brazil’s culture and people. I just love the overall design because it has the energy and action that I associate Spider-Man with, but it’s beautifully mixed with some Brazilian flair. Which makes this suit super special and different from others.”

– Vini Jr.

Fluro Suit (Peter Parker) – Co-designed by Lando Norris and KidSuper 

 Motorsports phenom Lando Norris is all about moving fast. Paired with the high-speed action of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Norris’ suit reflects the pace – wholly inspired by racing, complete with a helmet and overalls familiar to those who burn rubber across global circuits. The Fluro Suit f