Mine gold and get dirty rich in Gold Rush: The Game, out May 28

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Hello Miners! We at Code Horizon and Discovery are proud to announce that Gold Rush: The Game will be available on PlayStation 4 May 28. This original gold-mining experience is based on Discovery Channel’s #1 show Gold Rush. On launch day, you will get access to all the playable content released so far (including DLC). The objective is: work hard, dig deep, explore the world, to become the wealthiest person in Alaska.

Gold Rush: The Game is a realistic gold-mining simulation game. Start with a simple bucket, hog pan, and lease your first claim as you begin to mine gold. You will be able to sit behind the wheels of multiple, highly detailed vehicles (such as bulldozer, drill, front-end loader or excavator) and dig gold on one of four unique mining areas with fully deformable terrain.

Your plan is simple: scout and plan your operation, buy new tiers of mining equipment, and let your gold business grow. But remember – every real business will face some obstacles. Machines will break, weather will affect your operation and interest on leased property will grow. To make ends meet, you’ll have to embrace the four-season cycle and think about making some extra money. Harsh Alaskan winters impact prices and even decrease durability of your machines. Oh, and don’t be surprised if a bear steals some of your equipment.

Gold Rush: The Game is about digging gold by using advanced machinery and taking care of your mining company. Get familiar with the wash plant, gold nuggetator, or wave table. Manage the water pressure and power system to help machines work properly. And don’t forget to hire some workers and let them grow your business!

If you are a competitive player, we have a little something for you. Ranked mode (leaderboards) will pit you against other gold prospectors – who will come on top this time? One season typically lasts about a month in real life, so there’s plenty of time to compete. Each time we add a unique buff or obstacle to make the experience more engaging, such as a discount on a particular claim rental or increased breakdown rate for specific items. If you manage to get into the top 10, we have special in-game rewards. So what are you waiting for? Let’s mine some gold.

You can choose your own playstyle – either explore Alaska with easy mode on (everything costs $1) or try your luck in the hardest ranked mode, with globally shared leaderboards. Regardless of your calling, be sure to grab the game on May 28. For price, availability, and additional details check your regional PS Store.

Work hard, dig deep – become a gold miner!

A closer look inside Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza, now in Warzone

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Welcome to the party, pals! The iconic Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard is live now in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk ‘84 map. Warzone’s new tallest structure arrives as part of the ‘80s Action Heroes event, which also introduces new Operators Rambo and John McClane (available for purchase as limited-time Store Bundles).

It’s not everyday you get to step into the same hallowed ground where action movie icon John McClane foiled nefarious thief Hans Gruber’s heist plans. To mark the exciting occasion, I chatted with Amos Hodge from Raven Software, the lead developer of Warzone, and Matt Krystek from High Moon Studios, whose team led bringing Nakatomi Plaza from Los Angeles to the middle of Verdansk’s bustling downtown district.

The player’s view when diving into Verdansk around the new Nakatomi Plaza location

PlayStation Blog: At what point in the film is this map set roughly or did you take liberties for whatever complemented the map at the given location? 

Matt Krystek: It’s kind of both – I would say it’s probably closest to the middle of the movie. The thieves have controlled the building, it’s not destroyed yet, and they’re still trying to crack open the vault.

Is Die Hard truly a “Christmas movie?” The festive tree in the Nakatomi lobby thinks so…

What was the feeling at both High Moon Studios and Raven Software when you first found out that you were going to be bringing Nakatomi Plaza to life in Warzone?

Amos Hodge: Pure excitement across all the studios. Bringing Die Hard elements into Warzone was a perfect fit and everyone got really into it immediately, everyone was brainstorming ideas. It was just pure excitement.

MK: I remember the first time we saw the shell of the building in-game. Everybody just smiled because it was just so cool and it’s just this massive kind of iconic structure that we’re able to work on.

The dev team removed four city blocks to make room for Nakatomi

Where does Nakatomi Plaza begin on the map as a new location? 

All aboard the Knockout City Hover-Train in Jukebox Junction

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With the upcoming release of Season 1 for Knockout City on May 25, now is the perfect time for a deep-dive into a new map coming your way: Jukebox Junction. I’m Jeremy Russo, the game director for Knockout City, here to talk to you about the design of Jukebox Junction and some strategies for using the map to your advantage in dominating your opponents.

All aboard

The theme for Season 1 is “Welcome to Knockout City,” and what better way to greet new arrivals than a dodgeball to the face as they step off the train? Jukebox Junction is an active, jukebox-themed train station that perfectly showcases our level design philosophy at Velan Studios. Each map is designed to be unique and memorable, by combining a distinctive theme with a fresh gameplay mechanic that opens up new gameplay strategies. Perfectly crafted audio and visuals immediately immerse you in the train station environment, mixed with jukebox-themed details like massive glowing archways and an arrival/departure schedule made to look like song cards. But the feature to really watch out for (literally) are the trains that come charging through the station!

Periodically, massive hover-trains  come speeding through the center of Jukebox Junction, temporarily changing the offensive and defensive options available to you in those sections of the map. Getting hit by a train is an instant KO, but because they hover you can ball up and roll under them to make a quick escape or sneak up on opponents. Watch out, though, because there are also bounce pads around that enable players to jump up and glide over the train, or they can even perform a Lob Shot with a ball from the other side if they have a lock on you. One of the most satisfying moves in the game, however, is to tackle an opponent into the train, earning your team an easy (and hilarious) point. And if you find yourself back up against a train about to be tackled yourself? Jump at the last second to trick your opponent into diving headfirst into the train themselves. 

Each unique map mechanic is meant to provide these types of strategic options. To avoid the possibility of random outcomes, these trains telegraph way ahead of time before they come barreling through with distinctive audio, visual, and rumble cues. Each train line (Red, Yellow, Blue) is also on a set schedule that means they’ll always pass through the station at consistent, reliable times.

See the sights

The layout of Jukebox Junction also demonstrates our approach to designing unique combat spaces with distinct landmarking. Each main location in the map contains a ball, and all spots feature unique geometry to fight around. Due to the high/wide trajectories that thrown balls can travel along due to our variety of Trick Shots and Ultimate Throws, each combat area features broad shapes in layouts we never repeat, to open up unique 1-on-1 and team-based strategies. 

How Foreclosed utilizes PS5’s unique DualSense controller features

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Hey everyone! We’re very excited to be bringing Foreclosed, a slick, cyberpunk action-adventure to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 12. This is our first next-gen console release and we’re especially thrilled to take advantage of the features the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller.  

How Foreclosed utilizes PS5’s unique DualSense controller features

To set the stage, Foreclosed is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future where your very identity is a commodity. The game stars Evan Kapnos, an everyman whose day goes from bad to worse – fast. Kapnos’ story is delivered in a stylish comic book aesthetic to pull you into the narrative. 

Haptics & Adaptive Triggers

The ability to leverage next-gen tech to elevate the experience was really cool, as it’s very much in theme with the futuristic cyberpunk setting of the game. For example, the Symbiotic Pistol is a multifunctional weapon with various upgrades available. To really give you a sense of the unique properties of the weapon, the haptics and adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller deliver different feedback and resistances depending on the modifications you have equipped. 

Wielding the Symbiotic Pistol, you’ll feel the difference from one weapon skill to the next through the controller. You’ll experience the simulated kickback of an explosive round, the air displacement of rounds leaving the pistol, and more to pull you into the experience.

Story-driven 2D action-exploration game Reina & Jericho coming to PS5

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In August of 2019, after psyching myself up by watching clips from Office Space, I quit my web development job of ten years to focus full time on game development at Reclamation Games, the small studio I started with my wife, Vanessa.  She is a talented musician and composer, and I had experience on small hobbyist gaming projects, a background in computer science, and had spent the last two years learning about Unity, game programming, 3D modelling, and animation. It was not veteran industry expertise – we tracked down people to help with that later – but it was a start.

I had a prototype of a 2D action-exploration game where the story was interwoven with the non-linear exploration and progression, but we had reached a point in development where finishing it would require a massive increase in time commitment.  I had to either walk away from it or go all in by quitting my day job and focusing entirely on creating the game I had always wanted to play. So I did.

Almost two years later, I am excited to reveal Reina & Jericho is coming to PlayStation 5. Let me tell you more about it.

Story-driven 2D action-exploration game Reina & Jericho coming to PS5

Meet Reina

Reina, the main protagonist, is a resourceful and scrappy young woman with a chip on her shoulder earned from a life of hardship. She lacks all but the most basic knowledge of what is happening and what she has gotten herself into, and she is completely unequipped to overcome the obstacles in her path – two problems she will have to solve on the go.

For Reina’s design we had the good fortune of working with Leandro Franci, a fantastic illustrator with a knack for the stylized aesthetic we wanted to achieve, and Dan Eder, a master of stylized 3D modelling who was able to bring Leandro’s sketches to life. Reina’s scars tell of her difficult life and her simple clothes speak to her working-class status.

Around her neck rests a powerful artifact called the Regret Device which allows her to revisit the recent past armed


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