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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 hits PS5 on October 25

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Attention, PlayStation players and Call of Duty fans — Black Ops is officially back! After four years, Treyarch and Raven are ushering in the next chapter in the vaunted Black Ops franchise with Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, releasing on Friday, October 25. We’ve got intel on some of the modes and features coming to the game and more on items such as pre-order benefits you can earn between now and launch. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 hits PS5 on October 25

This will be signature Black Ops across a cinematic single-player Campaign, Multiplayer, and the epic return of Round-Based Zombies. Get ready for a mind-bending narrative and to go beyond the rules of engagement in all three modes. In Black Ops 6, you’re never sure who to trust and what’s real – – but this blog is real, so let’s dive in!

The Black Ops 6 Campaign narrative

Embark on the Hunter’s Journey with a new look at Monster Hunter Wilds

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PlayStation fans! We’re back again with another exciting look at Monster Hunter Wilds, coming to PlayStation 5 in 2025. In the trailer just revealed at Summer Game Fest 2024, we’re sharing how we’ve evolved the hunting experience to seamlessly connect the tense storyline and gameplay, resulting in the most immersive and cinematic hunting experience in the series.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our latest trailer below, which we’re calling “The Hunter’s Journey.” It shares a peek at an intense narrative-driven hunt through the Windward Plains and introduces brand new monsters making their debut in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Embark on the Hunter’s Journey with a new look at Monster Hunter Wilds

New Doshaguma artwork revealed

Valorant Limited Beta is coming to PS5 on June 14

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We’re so excited to reveal that the electrifying, creative, and action-packed gameplay of Valorant is now coming to PS5. We can’t wait for you all to join us for our Limited Beta, which begins June 14! 

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS, where precise gunplay meets unique Agent abilities. Valorant is more than just guns and bullets… I mean don’t get us wrong, you can definitely do some crazy outplays with your guns (five bullets, five enemies, five one-taps… no problem), but Valorant is so much more than that. In every game of Valorant you’ll get to choose an Agent from our continually growing, unapologetically global roster, and each Agent is armed with unique abilities. 

Valorant Limited Beta is coming to PS5 on June 14

Creativity meets clutch

Every Agent has a different kit that allows you to create opportunities for your gunplay to shine. No two Agents will play alike, just like no two montages will look the same in Valorant. When we initially began thinking about bringing Valorant to PS5, it was never about the technical aspects of building a new game on new platforms—it was about preserving the feeling of what it’s like to play Valorant. Once you start playing Valorant and get more familiar with the gameplay, there’s a special moment that will just click. Moments where you stand alone and outnumbered, but you find a way to overcome the odds and win the round while your teammates watch in silence—before erupting into cheers. These are the moments that make Valorant special, where creativity meets clutch. And we’re so happy that we can bring that experience to PS5 and welcome more players to our community. 

The playing fields

In addition to unique Agents, abilities, and gunplay, Valorant also features an array of maps. Each one is a playground for you to showcase your creative thinking. There’s also different modes for you to try out, whether you want to play a quick match or climb the ranks, there’s something for everyone. Currently, for competitive queue, we have a map pool that changes every few months. But all of our existing maps are available in non-competitive modes. All the content that is currently available on Valorant PC, will be available on PS5, and whenever we ship a patch, we’ll be shipping it for everyone at the same time. So when a new map or Agent launches, everyone who plays Valorant will get it at the same time.

For the Beta

While we want to have everyone playing the same Valorant, we also know that with all the different modes, maps, Agents, and guns, there’s a lot to learn. So we’ll be releasing the following modes and maps durin

New Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion launches June 8, first details

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In Alan Wake 2, the titular writer is trying to escape the Dark Place, a shifting, nightmare version of New York, by penning pages and pages of different escape attempts. And some of those stories are set in… Night Springs.

Night Springs… a fictional town, full of the thrilling and bizarre, where the familiar turns strange. Night Springs… a TV show Alan Wake once wrote for. Night Springs… the first expansion to Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning survival horror, is out tomorrow, June 8, on PlayStation 5!

New Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion launches June 8, first details

In its three self-contained episodes, the Night Springs expansion presents three ways Alan Wake attempted to find his way out of the endless loops of the Dark Place. You will get to play as three characters from the world of Alan Wake. 

While they will be familiar at first glance, they are Night Springs echoes of themselves, archetypes based on characters players have already encountered.

Sonic x Shadow Generations launches October 25

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Sonic and Shadow speed onto PlayStation consoles this October, offering players high-speed action and platforming challenges only possible in the Sonic universe.

Today, we unveiled the release date and pre-order information for Sonic x Shadow Generations, the Sonic the Hedgehog platformer remastering the beloved Sonic Generations with modernized visuals and extra bonus content, while adding a brand-new journey featuring never-before-seen abilities for the Ultimate Life Form – Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sonic x Shadow Generations launches October 25

The trailer released today shows a glimpse of Sonic and Shadow’s respective adventures and intense challenges, including a first look at exciting new levels and Shadow’s newfound powers. Sonic x Shadow Generations is sure to be a high-speed, heroic experience.

LEGO Horizon Adventures launches Holiday 2024

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During today’s Summer Game Fest showcase, we announced the brand-new action adventure game, LEGO Horizon Adventures, to be launched during the 2024 Holiday season on PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Co-developed by Guerrilla and Studio Gobo, LEGO Horizon Adventures is a playful and light-hearted story inspired by the events of the world of Horizon.

LEGO Horizon Adventures launches Holiday 2024

In a distant future, the land is made of LEGO bricks and incredible dinosaur-like machines roam the Earth. Aloy, the game’s leading hero, is found in a cave as a baby and raised by a grizzled huntsman called Rost, who teaches her the way of the wilds. One day, Aloy embarks on a quest to discover her true destiny. Guided by a thousand-year-old hologram of a scientist called Elisabet, Aloy must confront Helis, the leader of a group of sun worshipers who bow to an Ancient Evil shrouded in mystery. There’s much more in store for Aloy and her friends, as their adventure sends them across the tallest mountains and deepest cauldrons — all beautifully recreated in LEGO elements. 

Follow your own adventure or share the fun with another player via couch or online co-op*. LEGO Horizon Adventures has been designed for two-player action without the need for split-screen, providing an opportunity for family and friends to develop connections through collaborative play. 

MLB The Show 24 heats up with new season 2 summer content

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The Drive to Diamond in MLB The Show 24 pulls into Cooperstown for a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame to celebrate the start of Season 2. Play new programs, unlock never-before-seen cards, and build your best Diamond Dynasty squad.* 

MLB The Show 24 heats up with new season 2 summer content

Head start rewards

Unlock Head Start Rewards of packs and XP right away when you log in on June 7 afternoon PT. If you have completed all five head start goals, you will have enough XP to earn your first Wild Card slot from the Season 2 XP Reward Path. Then, you can slot in your favorite player from your Season 1 cards to join your new Season 2 squad. Don’t forget to open your Diamond Cornerstone Captain pack to build your team around his Captain boosts.

There’s so much to do as Season 2 begins. Play new Team Affinity to find your favorite team’s rewards. Build your best squad to take on head-to-head opponents in Ranked or join your friends on a 2v2 or 3v3 Ranked co-op game. 

Double XP

You will earn Double XP all weekend long to give you a fast start in Season 2. From fresh Moments to 3-inning games to 9-inning games, play your way and earn all new XP Path rewards, including Hall of Famers Ken Griffey Jr., Roy Halladay, and Chipper Jones.

Season 2 collection

As you make your way through all the amazing content that Season 2 in MLB The Show 24 has to offer, be sure to collect Season 2 Legends and Flashback player items in the Season 2 Collection to earn the Collection Boss Choice Pack featuring Hall of Fame Series Derek Jeter, Frank Thomas, and Bob Gibson. Having any of these amazing athletes in your lineup, let alone all 3, will make any team a force to be reckoned with in MLB The Show 24.

Coming soon in June

Play the new Architects Program dropping on Tuesday, June 11, as reinforcements arrive for your Captain-themed squad. As you play through the program, you will earn four Diamond players that fit the new Season 2 Cornerstone Captain team builds. 

2024 All-Star Game

Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 486: Proof In The Play

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Howdy folks! This week the team recaps some of the biggest news from last week’s State of Play and talks some of 2024’s best indies so far. Plus: Which videogame worlds do you think smell the best/worst? The team nose dives into this topic and more.

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Share of the Week: Hidden

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Last week we asked you to share sneaky hidden moments from your favorite games using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s hidden highlights:

TakaSanGames shares Ellie hidden in the bushes in The Last of Us Part II.

BarryPaust shares Wander crouching to hide from a Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus.

thwippip shares a face-painted Aloy hiding behind leaves in Horizon Forbidden West

marka_game shares Jin blending in with the scenery in a unique way in Ghost of Tsushima

Photoingame shares a Na’vi blending in with blue water in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Defnotanthonyfr shares the cat from Stray blending into the cluttered surroundings to take a nap

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week?

THEME:  Hogwarts Legacy – Photo Mode
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on June 12, 2024

Next week, a new photo mode feature casts a spell on Hogwarts Legacy. Share moments from your magical journey using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

Honkai: Star Rail update v2.3 brings new friends and Simulated Universe on June 19

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Dear Trailblazers, greetings from the Honkai: Star Rail dev team. Today, we are excited to share the details of Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3, Farewell Penacony. This update introduces the highly anticipated Stellaron Hunter, Firefly, as well as a significant figure from the IPC, Jade. Additionally, under the guidance of Mr. Screwllum, the new update in the Simulated Universe – Divergent Universe – will be unveiled as well.


After inheriting the Watchmaker’s Legacy and embarking on the new Path of Harmony, Trailblazers awaken in the real world following the climactic battle with Mr. Sunday. Now, the abrupt termination of the Charmony Festival has left The Family’s reputation in tatters, with numerous delicate issues urgently demanding attention. In response, aside from the Oak Family, the major lineages are preparing their strategies to address the aftermath. In the version 2.3 Trailblaze Mission, the Express Crew will be invited aboard the Radiant Feldspar, soaring into the skies above Penacony to witness crucial Family discussions firsthand.

Meanwhile, aboard the Radiant Feldspar, a new project within the Simulated Universe, Divergent Universe will be conducted under the guidance of Mr. Screwllum, utilizing technology from his home planet to bring gameplay improvements. For instance, the Arithmetic Mapping function in the Divergent Universe testing removes character download limitations. If a character’s level is below the current Equilibrium Level Cap, it will automatically increase to meet the cap. The update also introduces the Equation feature, where combining buffs from two different Paths grants corresponding combat abilities once the required amount is achieved. Additionally, when facing defeat in the Divergent Universe, Trailblazers can now restart challenges without needing to force-stop the game. With the new Restart Challenge option, players can regroup and give it another shot.

In the upcoming version, Origami Birds will also make their way onto the Radiant Feldspar, bringing a new mini-game. In this arcade challenge, Trailblazers must achieve eliminations within a set number of moves to boost the birds’ Combat Power. During the Origami Bird Clash event, Trailblazers can not only participate in Story Challenges, but also freely battle friends from across the universe!

After ventur