Saints Row customization uncovered

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Saints Row’s customization suite is guaranteed to delight and excite: there are virtually no limits to what you can do and there are no rules as to how you do it. You get the ultimate freedom to express yourself in Santo Ileso – what we call the Weird, Wild, American South West – let’s take a look at what this actually means.

We put player choice first in Saints Row; across the board we offer the best, most vibrant mix of customization features that make this by far the best customization toolset in a Saints Row game to date.

You can adapt almost anything in outlandish or aspirational fashion. From the end of the very first missions you will unlock the ability to update your boss character with clothing, emotes and even your weapon of choice with an almost endless number of options from one of the stores across the city.  As you progress through the game you will earn the cash needed to keep your look up to date.  Through the Criminal Ventures you and your fellow Saints take part in you can modify parts of the city itself, including the Saints HQ – it’s your time to take over Santo Ileso and make it your own; so go build your criminal empire in style.    

We’ve removed the boundaries of gender for players – you can put anything on without limits and rules. Our best in class tools let players choose what their definition is for cool. Serious or silly, we let players express themselves and generate looks that either resemble their own persona, another’s, or even something other-worldly.

You can craft your perfect boss and show off your own style with a copious choice of clothing. With each individual item being customizable – layered clothing is back, so you can add underwear, a t-shirt and then a jacket, and accessorize with sneakers, hats, gloves and even socks! Yes, this much loved feature is also back with a vengeance, and for everything you wear, you can change the color, surface properties, and exotic materials for the perfect look.

Going deeper, you can customize your hairstyle and color from the roots to the tips. For your skin, go beyond a myriad of colors and define the type, texture, and features like scars and muscles, veins, tattoos, prosthetics and piercings. There’s even a trucker tan. When it comes to your face you can make each side the same or different with the inclusion for the very first time of asymmetrical face customization. Add make-up, scars, bruises, tattoos, facial hair, wrinkles – it’s all there and we can’t wait to see what you

LEGO Builder’s Journey out today on PS5 and PS4

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LEGO Builder’s Journey is now available on PS5 and PS4, we are very proud to bring even more playful game experiences to players. 

As a brand new feature in the game, you can unleash your creativity and build and share your own creations in Creative Mode. This is a much-requested feature where you can go and build your own models or scenes with a curated selection of LEGO bricks.

LEGO Builder’s Journey out today on PS5 and PS4

There are several available themes and different options for build plates to start out with: Some have a bit of inspiration built in from the start like the lower half of a car, while some plates leave more room for you to be creative in your build out.

We have kept the controls and interface as simple as the rest of the game: When you open a brick bin, you get a curated selection of bricks to build with. Placing a brick automatically gives you another one in the same shape and color – which is great for building symmetrical things. If you open the bin again, you get a new selection of bricks. The paint bucket can be used to dye your bricks by literally pouring paint over them to change their color.

Once your creation is done, the photo mode lets you adjust the lighting and viewing angle before taking the perfect picture of your model and sharing it with friends.

The vision for Builder’s Journey was to create a different kind of LEGO game – one that puts the bricks at the center of the experience. The main part of the game is about building with bricks to complete small diorama-based puzzles that also tell a story about a child and a parent, and the importance of playing together.

The music, art, design, and animations all come together to bring a non-verbal, atmospheric experience of soothing cerebral mind exercises and creative solutions to the game’s challenges. Sometimes thinking out of the box, getting new ideas and

Designing new Deep Rock Galactic weapons with the DualSense controller in mind

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Deep Rock Galactic, a co-op game about dwarves in space mining minerals and fighting bugs, has been out on PS4 and PS5 for a couple of months now. And it has been amazing seeing so many new players join us in the caves of Hoxxes. Whether you picked up the game while it was available with PlayStation Plus, or you recently bought it, welcome!

The PlayStation release of DRG happened during our very first season in the game, and we will soon release our second season on May 5: Season 02 – Rival Escalation. This season includes four new Secondary weapons, and that gave us the opportunity to design them with the DualSense wireless controller in mind from the start. 

When we were working on the PlayStation version of DRG, we decided to use the DualSense controller features as much as possible to enhance the experience of the weapons in the game (see our previous blog post on How the DualSense controller enhances Deep Rock Galactic’s mining and combat). Below, you can read how we have used the DualSense controller features for each of the new weapons.

The ArmsKore Coil Gun

Haptic feedback helped bring home the feeling of power to each gun. Take the Coil Gun in this new Season: Although small and compact the gun packs a lot of power. And with haptic feedback we could really get the point across with increasingly stronger pulsing during the charge phase, communicating the unstable, high amounts of energy, which releases with a huge kick. 

The Nishanka Boltshark X-80

The Boltshark was the more subtle one of the bunch and benefited greatly from the finer details possible that the haptic feedback provides. Although it is quieter than the others, it gave us more room to emphasize the small details of the crossbow parts clicking, bolts being put in place and the string slapping against the barrel when firing.

The Shard Diffractor

The Shard Diffractor was the simplest of the bunch design-wise, shooting a persistent laser with so much power the player can barely stand on their feet. However, conveying that power over such a long time through rumble would be too much compared to other engineer secondaries. We decided to go with a softer rumble on the beam and put emphasis on the power of the impact. Because of t

Uncovering Easter Eggs in the Forbidden West

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The world of Horizon Forbidden West is grand in scale, but as you explore, you’ll uncover many smaller secrets buried throughout its landscapes. Some of the most unexpected discoveries are three mysterious relics referencing Midgard, the mythical realm featured in a certain Norse action-adventure game from Santa Monica Studios. 

At Guerrilla, we love to collaborate with and nod to our fellow PlayStation Studios. That’s why, hidden throughout the Forbidden West, these special War Totems pay homage to key characters. 

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is grand in scale, but as you explore, you’ll uncover many smaller secrets buried throughout its landscapes. Some of the most unexpected discoveries are three mysterious relics referencing Midgard, the mythical realm featured in a certain Norse action-adventure game from Santa Monica Studio. 

By finding all three of these carved wooden figures, you’ll unlock access to a unique cosmetic bonus for Aloy: the legendary Mark of War face paint worn by Kratos himself. 

Every one of these collectibles was placed in the world with careful consideration by our development team. While we’ll leave it to you to find their exact locations, we hope this peek behind the scenes will give you an idea of where to begin your search. 

We begin with an homage to Kratos’ iconic weapon, the Leviathan Axe. Off a beaten path, Aloy can find the fearsome battleaxe buried in a tree. Scanning it with her Focus reveals a trail to an abandoned cabin, mirroring Kratos’ home. Within, the small Totem of War bears Kratos’ likeness.  

The Totem of Youth is close to an iconic landmark. As you approach, you will discover it is defended fiercely by a machine that holds a likeness to the creature that watches over Helheim, a specific reference to Atreus. 

Finally, the Totem of Brotherhood is found in a Cauldron-like structure on an island, reminiscent of one of the locations of Brok and Sindri’s forge. We chose this location because the Huldra Brothers are a Norse equivalent to the Greek god Hephaestus (the namesake of Horizon Forbidden West’s machine-forging AI). 

“We wanted these to be standalone, hidden easter eggs, which were intentionally more difficult to fi

Share of the Week: Elden Ring

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Last week we asked to rise as Tarnished and take on the dangerous realms of Elden Ring using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:  

JorgePSshare shares their helmeted character taking a break by a flame.

pannn03 shares a collection of masks and stone.

M_Joe_Hort shares a hulking building on the move.

RB_SKKN shares a serene portrait of Renna.

ClausSanAndreas shares a portrait of the knight Blaidd.

ZacheryyyEduard shares their Tarnished approaching a boss.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Elden Ring – Bosses
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Next week, take on Elden Ring’s most challenging foes. Share moments in the midst of boss battles big and small using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. 


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