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Fishbowl demo live today, filled with cozy memories and strange dreams

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Do you know the feeling of moving to a new city for a new job all by yourself?

In Fishbowl, our main character Alo is doing just that. You experience a slice of Alo’s ordinary life, at home. Set in urban India at the onset of the pandemic, Fishbowl serves as a vignette of that time through our eyes. A new PS5 demo available today lets you get a taste of Alo’s life.

The game follows Alo over a month during which she spends time indoors, in isolation, her phone and computer being the only connection to others. Taking care of home chores, doing her best with self care and staying on top of work-from-home are things she is still getting used to.

Until unusual dreams and bittersweet childhood memories begin to crop up, all thanks to a package sent from home, containing a mysterious toy fish. Tumble into a story of nostalgia, melancholy and self-discovery, where the choices you make, determine the path that Alo takes, leading to multiple endings, true to how you play.

Fishbowl demo live today, filled with cozy memories and strange dreams

Figuring out life one day at a time

As Alo slowly gets familiar with her new home, do care tasks like watering your plants, snacking from the fridge (samosas or idlis anyone?), make sure to stay hydrated and take moments to relax between work and chores.

The mood at home is a reflection of Alo’s emotional state and sometimes, ordinary objects may give you an idea of a larger meaning behind them—that writing desk seems awfully dingy. We hope for everybody to tinker around and discover little hints and secrets we have planted throughout the game.

Fishbowl prioritizes the every day—simple things and mundane acts, and how living through them mindfully is a way to understand our emotions and check in with ourselves.

Moving through grief at your own pace

Alo recently lost her grandmother and is uncertain about how to cope with this loss and grief. Fishbowl represents grief as an ongoing feeling and not as something to “get over” on a time limit.

Players unpack Alo’s late grandma’s belongings and uncover memories from her childhood which help them connect the dots to her past—whether it’s time spent with friends after school, your very first sleepover or the one day you were all alone in the park.

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PlayStation Store: April 2024’s top downloads

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It’s time to see which PS5, PS4, PS VR2, PS VR, and free-to-play games topped the download charts last month. April’s PS5 list saw a healthy addition of newcomers with Stellar Blade and Sea of Thieves entering the top 5 of most downloads in the US and EU regions. The PS VR2 list welcomed an old favorite with Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition obtaining the most downloads in April.

Check out the full listings below. What titles are you playing this month?

PS5 Games

HELLDIVERS 2Sea of Thieves
Stellar BladeGrand Theft Auto V
Sea of ThievesHELLDIVERS 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIStellar Blade
MLB The Show 24Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Grand Theft Auto VEA SPORTS FC 24
NBA 2K24TopSpin 2K25
WWE 2K24Grounded
GroundedIt Takes Two
Dragon’s Dogma 2Fallout 4
Madden NFL 24Dragon’s Dogma 2
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeWWE 2K24
Rise of the RoninNeed For Speed Unbound
Fallout 4Hogwarts Legacy
EA SPORTS FC 24Cyberpunk 2077
Sker RitualNBA 2K24
Cyberpunk 2077

Spin Rhythm XD blasts onto PS5, PS4, and PS VR2 on July 9

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We are so excited to announce that Spin Rhythm XD is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the first-ever VR version on PlayStation VR2!

Spin Rhythm XD is a kinetic rhythm-action game where players move, tap, slide, scratch, and spin to the beat all while traveling through incredible reactive backgrounds. Made by a team of three friends from Australia including the original creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, the game’s simple combination of color matching and physical gestures (spinning a wheel) combine to put players in a deep flow state.

We have assembled a huge variety of 60+ tracks from artists including Camellia, Anamanaguchi, Hyper Potions, Haywyre, Lena Raine, 2 Mello, Teminite, Tokyo Machine, Moe Shop, Au5, Meganeko, Akira Complex and many more. There’s also a 10-track DLC available from music label Monstercat, plus will be launching our second DLC when the game is released on PlayStation with 10 tracks from Chillhop music – something a bit different with a mellow vibe to chill and relax to.

Spin Rhythm XD is designed to be accessible to those new to rhythm games while providing a unique challenge to veterans of the genre. Our 60+ tracks each contain 5 difficulties that each introduce new mechanics.

Conquer the global leaderboards and level up to unlock new tracks, wheel skins and more. We have also included a full suite of accessibility features including custom colors, low motion options for every background element, custom track speeds and more.

PlayStation’s awesome DualSense wireless controller provides a truly unique gameplay experience. Players can use motion controls to move the wheel and even use the touchpad to flick and scratch like a DJ.

This release will be the first-ever VR version of Spin Rhythm XD on PS VR2. The PS VR2 Sense controllers provide a perfectly smooth motion input that turns the play area into a kind of interdimensional drum kit. Move your main hand pointer inside the wheel to rotate, flick to spin and smash down to hit tap notes, keep your off-hand ready to hit the green beat notes.

We have included more than 40 Trophies to achieve and Challenge Activities so you can compete directly with your friends.

We hope you can join us in the Rhythm Dimension. If you’re new to the genre we hope you find something fresh and fun, and if you’re a veteran rhythm gamer you will experience a unique and challenging game with an incredible sense of flow.

How to make the most of Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access, live now

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Whether you’re new to Destiny 2 or haven’t played in a while, this could go down in history as the best month yet to hop in the game. From May 7 to June 3, Bungie is giving all players access to The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansions (plus Lightfall if you’re a PlayStation Plus member) along with the past four Seasons of content!

That’s a lot to tackle in one month. Where does a Guardian even start? We consulted Bungie Community Lead Chris “Cozmo” Shannon to see what he recommends.

How to make the most of Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access, live now

Skip ahead and gear up

“If you haven’t finished the New Light quest chain, there’s now an option to skip it and get right to all this content. There are two gifts you should immediately go claim, too. Visit Shaxx in the Hall of Champions to pick up your high-power gear from the Gift of the Thunder Gods chest and go see Ikora in the Tower to choose your New Light Kit. Each kit has Exotic armor and abilities for a different Light subclass. And you can get this gear for each of your characters!”

Choose your own adventure

After you’re geared up, it’s time to determine your first adventure. There are so many places to explore, each with its own unique fantasy feel and story. Consider your play style and availability, too. Whether you have limited time and just want to explore or want to go all-in to take advantage of this deal, Cozmo has some ideas to help point you in the right direction.

Solo Campaign: The Witch Queen

Journey through Savathûn’s Throne World, a twisted wonderland of Darkness and Light.

“I believe The Witch Queen is some of the best storytelling we’ve done so far. We took our time setting up Savathûn as a complicated antagonist, and it’s thrilling to finally get to face off against her and learn more about her history and motivations. Even if you aren’t familiar with Savathûn, the campaign does a great job of telling her story and catching you up along the way. It has some amazing moments and caps off with a spectacular boss fight.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

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Alter enters Apex Legends with new season launching May 7

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Things are about to get seriously chaotic in the newest season of Apex Legends. Starting May 7 Upheaval lives up to its name with plenty of new content and changes that’ll keep even the most seasoned Legends on their toes. Ready to find out what’s coming soon to the Apex Games? Just keep reading.

Alter enters Apex Legends with new season launching May 7

Embrace chaos

“Life’s just a game and lucky you, you’re playing it with me.”

Things are really heating up this season, and new Legend Alter is striking the match. There’s very little known about this new Void tech user except that calamity seems to follow in her wake. Is she the cause or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? No one can say. But she does seem to take real joy in watching catastrophes unfold, and reveling in what chaos brings out in those around her. While her morality may be in question, her abilities definitely aren’t:

Gift from the Rift – Can remotely interact with a deathbox to claim one item. Cannot be armor.

Void Passage – Creates a portal passageway through a surface.

Void Nexus – Create a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.

What brings the mysterious Alter to the Apex Games? No one can really say. But one thing’s for sure, when she’s around life is never boring.

Stand alone in Solos

Duos is out as Solos Takeover makes its much-anticipated return at the beginning of the season. This fan-favorite is back with enough new mechanics to keep things very interesting. It’s every Legend for themselves, which means no one will be watching your back – so you’ll need to rely on your Battle Sense to detect nearby enemies. Pre-kitted weapons and attachments will help you stay one step ahead of the competition, while Second Chance auto-heal will keep you in fighting shape long enough to come out on top. Drop into Solos Takeover starting May 7.

Broken Moon shatters

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New Storylines, Team Affinity, and more this May in MLB The Show 24

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The Drive to Diamond continues this May with all-new content intended to help players learn and earn in MLB The Show 24.

New Storylines, Team Affinity, and more this May in MLB The Show 24

Storylines: Derek Jeter – Part 2

Experience even more of The Captain’s most memorable career moments and earn remarkable rewards, including equipment and player items, in the second half of the all-new Storylines: Derek Jeter. From his famous flip throw in game 3 of the 2001 American League Division Series to claiming the Yankees all-time hits leader spot, a position still held by Jeter to this day, to the walk-off in his final home game, making for a storybook ending to a fabled career, relive these and more of Mr. November’s professional peaks in Storylines: Derek Jeter – Part 2.

Team Affinity Season 1: Chapter 3

Team Affinity (TA) Season 1: Chapter 3 brings brand-new Moments, Missions, and more ways to play in MLB The Show 24 for a chance to add some of the best players MLB has to offer, past and present, from each of the 30 clubs to your Diamond Dynasty squad and this time around…they’re all Diamond 99’s!

Take on Single Player, Multiplayer*, Boss & Repeatable PXP Stat Missions to earn TA Points for progress in the six Team Affinity Divisional Programs in Chapter 3. Complete Moments and, if you’re feeling lucky, Extreme Moments (1 per Division) to earn even more TA Points. Earn Vouchers from TA Mini Seasons, a Conquest Map, and an Extreme Showdown featuring Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood to exchange for additional TA Points good towards progression in any of the six programs. Additionally, play March to October or complete Player Exchanges to pick up even more TA Points and continue your way along the program reward paths to get your mitts on some of those Diamond 99s like Hyper Series Blake Treinen, Edgar Marinez, and Ian Kinsler in Team Affinity Season 1: Chapter 3.

Stadium Creator – Future City Props Kit

MLB The Show 24 has an eye towards the future with the all-new Future City Props Kit in Stadium Creator. From hi-tech towers to designer diners, the Future City Props Kit provides 75+ new props, giving you everything you need to create a sleek, state-of-the-art stadium. To locate the Future City Props Kit in Stadium Creator, search by Tag using the term Future City, then proceed to bui

Players’ Choice: Vote for April’s best new game

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April saw a lot of action and big boss fights. From the depths of the sea to the far reaches of space, what thrilling adventure was your top pick?

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. After the polls close we will tally your votes, and announce the winner on our social channels and PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? Note: re-released games don’t qualify, while remakes are reserved for ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds such as Resident Evil 4 (2023) and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.

Crow Country: retro original PlayStation-era gameplay stylings meet modern horror

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It’s no stretch to say that the original PlayStation is where the survival horror genre came into its own. Many players in the late 90s spent nights huddled in front of a CRT television, sweaty palms grasping a DualShock as their heart raced, dreading what might lurk in the next room. That nostalgic feeling is what small independent developer SFB Games aims to recreate with their original PlayStation-inspired horror adventure, Crow Country.

“Crow Country is a classic style survival horror, very much inspired by games from the PlayStation One era, which is our favorite or my favorite era of gaming,” says Adam Vian, the creative director, lead developer, and designer.

Closed for the season(s)

It’s 1990, and the Crow Country amusement park just outside Atlanta abruptly shuttered two years ago. The former owner, Edward Crow, has been missing all that time. Special agent Mara Forest visits the abandoned park to solve this mystery.

I asked Adam about the inspirations behind the game’s setting. “I’m a big urban exploring fan; I watch a lot of it online,” he says. “They’ve been to all kinds of amazing places, slightly beautiful, sad places that are empty but have left behind stories. It’s so fascinating. Crow Country is about the yearning to look behind the scenes at a theme park. Get off the rides and look behind the animatronics. Go in staff-only doors and look at their machines, the control panels, and all the stuff you’re not normally supposed to see in this amazing network of tunnels. And it’s quite creepy and dark because they’re not designed to be seen by the public. But they’re amazing.”

Everything old is new again

So, what about the original PlayStation era of survival horror inspired Adam to make a game in that vein? 

“I think it’s mostly about how sophisticated the graphics were,” he says. “It was complex enough to show human characters but not yet photorealistic. Once you go too far past that generation, you’re too close to photorealism for your imagination to need to do any work. Some things aren’t quite clear, you can use more stylization. And it’s more engaging for that reason. For horror, it’s all about leaving that gap of ‘I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at.’ And it’s scarier than if I was looking at a high-resolution image.”

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Pistol Whip unleashes power metal with the Voidslayer Collection June 6

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Remember last summer, when Pistol Whip got five new breakneck Scenes and one of them had soaring castle towers, trebuchet battles, and not one, but two dragons?

Here at Cloudhead, we looked at that Scene (the illustrious Majesty) and said “This rules, and we’re gonna make a whole Collection out of it, and no one can stop us.”

And of course, we added yet another new music genre to the game: power metal.

Welcome to Voidslayer: A frenzy of three new Pistol Whip Scenes that charge headlong through raucous villages, cataclysmic fields of battle, to the place where Earth and the cosmos blur together. Each Scene is an act within an epic journey. In the first act, Hero’s Dawn, you shall awake to the call of destiny, and follow it through a world of fire and darkness, with an endless stream of enemies to crash through as you go.

For our seasoned Pistol Whip players, we’ve got a couple of new Modifiers to check out, too.

Colour Match forces you to think quickly, as your weapons will be colour-coordinated to enemies on the field. Only the shots from matching-coloured guns will hit. This is one of those Modifiers that, as soon as you’ve mastered it, will make you want to go back and replay every single Scene just to see how much it changes the groove.

Meanwhile, the Deflector modifier gives you the ability to send bullets ricocheting back at your foes. And if you’re also wielding the Metal Gauntlet, remember to throw up the horns with every deflection. You won’t get any extra points or anything, but you’ll feel extremely cool, and our dev team will all cheer.

As a bunch of metalheads ourselves, we can’t wait to unleash our three chosen music tracks on you. With wailing guitar solos and furious kick drums from the likes of Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal, and Firewind, these are some of the most unstoppable, fist-in-the-air Pistol Whip songs yet.

Ready thy broken sword on June 6, when Hero’s Dawn, the first of Voidslayer’s three new Scenes, will arrive on PlayStation VR2, with the second and third Scenes following in the weeks after!

New Helldivers 2 Warbond brings trap-laying weaponry, arctic-themed armor, and more May 9

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Valiant warriors of justice… a deep freeze is coming to the galaxy. Super Earth leaders are deploying the next Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond on May 9 to all fearless frontline forces, codename Polar Patriots.*

Overflowing with all-new gear, this package of petrified pandemonium features weapons, armor, capes, and emotes. So stay frosty in the roaring heat of battle as you ice the malignant enemies of freedom.

New Helldivers 2 Warbond brings trap-laying weaponry, arctic-themed armor, and more May 9

It’s time to thrill and chill, Helldivers!


AR-61 Tenderizer
A real tentacle-tearer. This high calibre assault rifle has awesome stopping power but limited magazine size, so make each shot count. Unpatriotic “banter” shots are not advisable.

SMG-72 Pummeler
A slower rate of fire than your other SMGs but these concussive rounds will leave your enemies dazed, confused, and still very ugly. Good things come to Helldivers who wait.

PLAS-101 Purifier
Set the trap. Hold the trigger. Let them charge at you. Smile. They’re getting closer. Smile again. Closer. Smile. Closer. Smile. Closer… and release the trigger. S.P.L.A.T. The longer you can hold your nerve, and the trigger, the bigger the damage.

Secondary weapons / Utility Booster

G-13 Incendiary Impact
Don’t waste time reading the instructions, lob it at the enemy and run. This thing detonates on impact and ignites the area in white phosphorus, so make sure you – and your allies – are not standing around having a chat.

P-113 Verdict
The guys in R&D love this one. Gas-operated, semi-automatic, and chambers the largest centrefire cartridge of any lunpistol of its kind. “Rapid Deliberation”, they call it. Quick-draw to look cool in front of your squad.

Motivational Shocks
Literally shocks Helldivers back into action after being hit and slowed by sneaky, unjust attacks like the revolting bug acid vomit. Won’t help you much with area effects like EMS strik